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  1. i might come out if im not working overtime...
  2. TTE Rear skirt from europe. discontinued line hard to find. there used to be an ebay seller from toyotasheffiled uk. last time i saw the price on that rear skirt was about 500AUD with $320 but that was close to 3-4 years ago now
  3. seems like the ballast that powers your globe is on it's way out or the globe itself.
  4. tein coilovers turned up today, might try get them fitted tomorrow night along with my DBA front and rear slotted rotors
  5. yep all comes off, plus there is a small strut brace that is bolted to the tower and the body that needs to be removed when putting the strut brace in
  6. yep the are SRS side airbag compatible, has the airbag tag sewn into the seat cover where the airbag is located. i havent got a part number, i bought it second hand and was just placed in a cardboard box, but last time i had a look it was close to $650AUD shipped
  7. another update AMS eyeliner has turned up, just have to prep the modellista skirt for paint which i think i will all do myself now. Tein coilovers finally arriving end of this week early next week. fitted the Genuine toyota auris leather seat covers from japan, fits perfect except for rear seats. you lose the middle seatbelt, so going to see my trimmer to see if he can modify the seat covers to suit our seats (im assuming the japan auris has only 4 seat belts). see photos below will update once coilovers turn up and fitted
  8. Hi Rob, first of all welcome! as for the towbar fitment, yes rear bar will need to come off. bottom of the bumper needs to be cut out for the tongue to go into the towbar itself. if i remember the tow hooks also need to be removed so the towbar will fit, undercover panels need to be trimmed aswell. that's all i can remember for fitting a genuine kluger bar, so i will be assuming it would be very similar when fitting the hayman reese one
  9. those tail lights on my car now are actually smoked, but look clear on that angle. alot darker in person. i dont think i have actually seen a clear pair at all, only in the red LED style. there is another variant but im not sure if they are still available which are LED boards in the indicator and reverse aswell but it's been a while wince ive seen those. for the spark plugs, they are a different size plug. if i remember its like a 19mm socket and its a long shank plug removal tool. i'll see if i can get a photo for you tomorrow
  10. i'm guessing these are the tail lights you are looking for? there is also a red led version, which is the link below http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/plus-one/item/tl-tauris150rwld/ those were the only 2 styles that were pretty much available for our cars. i've got the smoked led tail lights on my car now. i was lucky to buy them back off the same person i sold them to when i first got them several years ago. as for the front lip his contact details are below if you need it http://www.jsai.com.au/ Jsai Aero 0405 153 290
  11. Hi Melissa, Welcome to the forum! as for parts for the corolla's especially the zre152 models it's pretty difficult sourcing parts especially body parts. as far as im aware there is a replica modellista front lip on ebay. not many places will probably have body kits that suit our models. tails lights are very rare to get these days. especially led's i dont think there was an altezza type tail light available for our models. and for the dash, you can change the LED's but it requires patience and some soldering as it requires to de-solder the board and re solder the new colour led Cheers Charlie
  12. quick update TRD front garnish is now fitted along with the TRD rear spoiler. modellista rear skirt still needs to be painted (just waiting for the AMS eyelids to arrive from japan) then will all go to the paint shop. put new LED head light globes for low beam (so much brighter than the OEM hid globe). also scored a genuine set of Auris leather seat covers which should be here in about two weeks. also have Tein coilovers on the way from japan which should also be here shortly. as for wheels have to wait 6-8 weeks for arrival...hopefully comes sooner than later. will try get pics up shortly

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