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  1. Bump. Anyone else have leaks?
  2. Just had my 2008 Aurion in after the VVT Oil hose split and they replaced that as a recall, along with the power window issue and said they checked for sticky dash. Which mine doesn't have. My tip, ring your dealer first as I almost spent $800 on replacing that oil pipe and they replaced it for free. Don't ask, don't get!
  3. Nice one. I upgraded my 08 Touring to this head unit about 18 months ago. Got it from a wrecked 2010 Camry Hybrid for a good price. Plugs straight in for anyone wanting to do the upgrade. Just make sure you get the surrounding shroud as well. Mine did develop a small 'line' in the screen though, which doesn't effect operation and it's mainly me that notices it. Perhaps a reset will clear that? Is there firmware upgrade available? Does anyone know if there is an after-market reversing camera that plugs into these units? Cheers
  4. Hi, My Aurion 08 has developed a leak on the passenger side. It may have been going for a while as I did notice some mouldy smell a few months ago, but perhaps it's worse with of all the rain NSW sent over to WA recently. Anyway, I have tested with a squirt water bottle many times and it's definitely NOT the windscreen, but it leaks when I get the water squirted just below the bottom left of the windscreen. It's hard to see where it's coming in from the inside as I can only get so far up the left hand side of the firewall under the glove box. Anyone else? Any ideas? Any help appreciated.
  5. Yes, I believe they are just over $100 on ebay, though I am not too keen on the effort required to thread the wiring through. I have reverse beepers and no towball, so don't see much need other than it would be cool to have. My main aim was to have usb, bluetooth and aux. The USB is awesome though it doesn't always let me scroll through the folder view, what's with that? Also, USB SEEK is a bit slow, moving only a few seconds back or forward at a time. Have you installed the camera?
  6. Slotted in and plugged in fine for anyone thinking of doing the upgrade. Mic is in the front of the unit and Bluetooth works great. Anyone added an after-market reversing camera to this unit? Unit taken from a 2010 Camry Hybrid fitted to a 2008 Aurion Touring.
  7. Check water pump mate. You can do this by going into full hard lock and driving slowly around. Does this make the noise louder?
  8. Hi, I'm about to purchase a Ft0015a Bluetooth unit to install into my 08 Aurion. Anyone done this before? Anything I should be wary of? All help and tips appreciated. Thanks
  9. Ouch! My Mechanic ended up doing it for under $900. Great Job. The problem is, as with any car, when they ram a East/West V6 into a small engine bay. No room to move. Going 4Cyl next time. Did you have any warning re: Timing chain tensioner? Did the chain rattle occasionally after starting the car?
  10. Toyota quoted $2175 for the water pump replacement...... The part costs them $115!
  11. plus one....82,000 kms. Quoted approx. $1200 Anyone recommend anything else I should get serviced whilst they have the motor/panels out?
  12. My personal opinion is that it just follows the camber of the road. Drive on the other side of the road and it will pull right. This car's "pulling issue" feels weird at first but give it 6 months and you'll won't really notice it. Sometimes worn tyres make it feel worse. As I said my personal opinion.
  13. Great news, anyone got any Mounting suggestions for this cable for the Aurion. You can get aussie stock it seems as well as ones that accept usb and sd cards. Thanks for the tip
  14. That black one is awesome, but as Kanmuri79 says, it's not on our streets. Please enlighten us....
  15. It doesn't state "back OFF again" like it does in another set of instructions I have. You could turn it once to ON and leave it there, then the programming doesn't work. Just making sure it is clarified for everyone and anyone who reads it, not just for people such as yourself who are obviously good with assumptions.
  16. Just updating I had success adding a new remote to my GSV40 Aurion bought from Ebay. Only point that the attached instructions is unclear on is: 8. Turn key from off to on - AND BACK TO OFF AGAIN - once to add a remote retaining......
  17. Might start a war with the new GSV50 owners.... but I just seen a GSV50 ZR6 for the first time in the flesh the other day. In my subjective (slightly biased) opinion it doesn't look anywhere near as cool as the GSV40 styling. It's mainly the rear end that looks terrible. In fact I think they have tried too hard... Have they made the boot smaller? Thoughts?
  18. Here's an instruction list I found that covers all modern central locking remotes. (up to 2011) Doesn't include keyless entry remotes. Models: Aurion GSV40 Camry ACV40 Kluger MCU28 Prado RZJ/GRJ/KZJ/KDJ 120 Rav 4 ACA33 Tarago ACR50 Tarago GSR50 Yaris NCP 90/91/93 Aurion GSV40 Camry ACV40 Kluger MCU28 Prado RZJ/GRJ/KZJ/KDJ 120 Rav 4 ACA33 Tarago ACR50 Tarago GSR50 Yaris NCP 90/91/93 Avalon MCX10 Camry ACV36 Toyota Remote Instructions.pdf
  19. Anyone tried the Brembo pads they are flogging on Eday?
  20. http://www.cnet.com.au/motorola-motorokr-t505-bluetooth-in-car-speakerphone-339290805.htm
  21. Yep! I bought 2 second hand on Ebay, one for my wife. I like them. Here's a picture...
  22. MOTOrola ROKR T505 are an awesome bluetooth unit that work both within the unit and put calls and music through your radio. Much better than a Belkin one I had before. Works on all brands of phones. They may be superseded now but you can get 2nd hand ones for about $30+.
  23. Thanks for that info Ryan, much appreciated. Doesn;t look like it's had any recalls. Toyota usually put that silver sticker inside the the driver's door, did that on my '03 Camry anyway. Gonna get some tint this week. Can't decide between 35/20, all 35 or 35 sides and 20 rear window...Law in WA is OK to have 35 in front of pillar and 20 behind now. Wonder if it looks a bit weird having two tone. Anyway, here's some pics.
  24. As asked before, has anyone tried the $12.99 plu n play cable from Ebay? PLUG Gold Plated AUX AUDIO MP3 INPUT CABLE FOR TOYOTA CAMRY CAROLA 3.5MM