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  1. Long time no post... hehe I just wanted to add in something. I tried the "handshake" setting on my friends 2006 corolla. In fact, the obdII reader worked flawlessly on his car without inputting specific details in there! (Ie auto settings) Im guessing this is because his model is the one with the electronic throttle control. Not the cable as like the previous models. So maybe they had to do a different ecu tune to the previous models. These were one of the last zze corollas ever made as the last ones in the tsport which released only in Europe had the electronic throttle control to make room for the supercharger that was added in to the last of the models. So if you have a zze corolla with the electronic throttle control body, then yes the ebay obdII readers do work for you. :)
  2. When i still had my sportivo, it was burning oil. i had enquired about the 2zzge engines built by MWR in america. they recommended whatever that was in the manual for us. i think the difference is purely based on the climate in each country. It wouldn't be financially viable for toyota to do this because of cost. but in any case. there isn't much difference if you using either oil. the gas u would save would be fk all seriously... Not to the US no, but at least I've travelled interstate without trapping my car in a secure carpark... m8pls. fark awfffff haha
  3. holy shiet, have u travelled there before ian? :P yes we use slightly thicker as most of us dont really see sub zero temperatures often.
  4. I got one almost brand new with lsd for 3k. Im in melb
  5. my water pump at 220k was still ok, replace only if its leaking water. coolant can go for another 100k
  6. battery dead, jump start the car and drive it around for 30 minutes with lights turned off, in the day obviously... if it was the starter motor then u wouldn't get a sound at all.
  7. your accessory belt would most likely need to be changed. spark plugs, fuel filter, and your usually oil change with filter as well. might as well do the gearbox fluid too. use some mineral oil and change every 20k. its inexpensive and makes your box last longer
  8. u wanna be even more perdantic, some states require you to have an engineering certificate too
  9. its a sticker indicating its a boat on land. rare as.jokes. winton scrutineering :D LOOOOOOOOOOL NEEDS A SAIL
  10. Does not bolt on. Its a larger diameter system. U need to get an adapter or flare the pipe out from the cat to fit it with the sportivo piping.
  11. Lol john. I found the ciggie flicker. I stuffed the ciggie down his throat :P
  12. Yep it works... but no sportivo to play anymore! :( fark!!!!!!!
  13. Or oil sludge clogging up the lift ocv...
  14. Damn... Where did you get that info? I shall try it on my employees car when I see her on Monday! Haha if it works it will be great for all those sportivo guys out there! Too bad I don't have mine anymore to try... :(
  15. Do u get haters in honderps looking at u as you vtekkkkk passed them?
  16. I reckon they would write that off. Good for you though. U can buy a yaris now.
  17. any pix? here... guys i have other bitsand pieces for sale so don't hesitant to ask me what you after. i cbfed listing them all on here lol.