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  1. Hi Guys, Im interested in these rims anyone have any experience with them?;part_no=1465 Cheers, Gaz
  2. Hi Guys, Ive had a great time on this forum. But its just time to say good bye as the rolla has gone to a 18yo p plater. You all take care and keep modding. I might drop by some time. CYA Gaz
  3. Spotted the SLY mobile aka Corzza Castle Hill turning onto old northern from showground rd around lunch Looking good Pete
  4. The 300 + price is for prefacelift For facelift the price you got quote is about right $1133
  5. You can get the Toyota foglight covers from ozparts for around $50 each side. But then you need to find the actual bulbs and lights fittings to fit it. Alternatively you can go to Toyota direct but they cost around $300-400 I think. Good luck
  6. Please tell me your not serious? This should be in the joke thread mods.
  7. Today at the shopping centre on display was the Levin ZR, Ascent, Ultima (Sedan) and Conquest (Sedan). Overall Im a fan of this new Corolla. Personally I really like the new interior. Have to drive it to make a better assessment.
  8. Hey Mic, Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your Ok mate. Always go through your insurance when its not your fault thats what you pay them for. Good luck Cheers, Gaz
  9. I think you should do a straight swap PROS like some of the others have said its a newer model. Better resale value in the end. You can have first bragging rights on this forum as the first new shape owner. CONS New engine/new car no mods avaliable ( unless the old mods fit the new engine ). New engine/new car the bugs have not been ironed out being the first release. As for the looks go I actually quite like it especially the interior.
  10. If I didnt have a AEM SRI I would be interested in one of those simota SRI. For that price cant really go wrong
  11. Hey Jase thanks if your keen to come back to a rolla make me an offer only 14,000KM on it. :D
  12. 5Zigen Mk6 18 X 7.5 Falken Ziex 512 225/40/18
  13. Had my 20,000KM serivce done today at Ferguson Toyota Canterbury. Cost me $190 pretty good customer service
  14. :o Ouch ! Yeah I know But facelift front sportivo lip was $1084
  15. Looks pretty much the same. Downside to the side wings is you need to drill holes in the front bar. I got mine from Castle Hill toyota who had to order from Japan. I think it was $454.95 for the pair unpainted. Looks pretty much the same to me