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  1. price reduced AGAIN. all above items are now listing on eBay. If you like anything, please contact me ASAP if no one put their bid i can still remove it.
  2. price reduced again!!!! add new item!!
  3. Alpine PDX mono amp sold. SSL amp and sony sub are perfect match!! anyone ??
  4. i can do 300 cash tonight? call me. 0433-252783
  5. need more interest~~~ alpine amp now offered to 290, any higher bit?
  6. leaving the country. Eerything must go. Price reduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. a/d/s splits pending payment.
  8. Enkei wheels sold to Canberra.
  9. no problem, i will see you this thursday.
  10. HA, It always depends on how much you like it. Pm me if you are interesting and wish to have a look/listen, i will get back to you. Terry.