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  1. price reduced AGAIN. all above items are now listing on eBay. If you like anything, please contact me ASAP if no one put their bid i can still remove it.
  2. price reduced again!!!! add new item!!
  3. Alpine PDX mono amp sold. SSL amp and sony sub are perfect match!! anyone ??
  4. i can do 300 cash tonight? call me. 0433-252783
  5. need more interest~~~ alpine amp now offered to 290, any higher bit?
  6. leaving the country. Eerything must go. Price reduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. a/d/s splits pending payment.
  8. Enkei wheels sold to Canberra.
  9. no problem, i will see you this thursday.
  10. HA, It always depends on how much you like it. Pm me if you are interesting and wish to have a look/listen, i will get back to you. Terry.
  11. I have exactly the same issue with my s2000. Has got the same sound only when the car is totally cold, become normal rest of the day. I thought it was something inside the valve but has no chance to see it before i sold the car. I know how annoying it is, good luck mate.
  12. I am now back to Aus. Items above are still available.
  13. Philips Blue Vision 4000K looks still "YELLOW" even it says "blue vision" HID 4000k looks "White" If you are looking for just direct replacement bulbs, get the Philips Diamond Vision. It is the nearest color to HID light bulbs.
  14. Still got the Alpine mono amp here You should make up your mind earlier...lol Last day bump~
  15. I don't care if I get banned for this but I hope the next time you achieve this that you crash and become a paraplegic. May God bless you by cursing someone because the curses always goes back. Everyone have dream. I had a simple one. DRIVING a vehicle in 200kmph when i was 20yo. 300kmph in 30yo. 400kmph in 40s. 500kmph.........well, we will see how technology goes. 230kmph is first time and the only time i went past 200kmph when i was 20yo. It was in a "extremely safe road condition" and thanksful i had a good car to achieve it. I am planning to do the next step of 300kmph in German already. Rent a Ferrari 430 and do it on Autobahn (If i am not rich enough to buy one lol). Risking my life? Yeah maybe I am risking my life but in a good/undercontrol condition. I never push hard on hills or something stupid because i am scared to crash it. I know where my limit is. This is much better than street racers or unskilled drivers (those whom think they are safe drivers) doing ridiculous driving behavior. I have had 8 cars in the last 6 years, Honda Civic EG, Audi A4 1.8T, Lexus RS350, Renault Sport Clio X2, Honda S2000 AP1, Toyota Yaris YRS, and Toyota Corolla Lavin ZR. Non of them got ACCIDENT! So now STFU and back to the topic. Which tyre is better to go pass 300kmph? lmao
  17. Okay, last week sale Everything is now having big discount!!! PM me what you like and i will make you happy.
  18. New enkei photo added. How it looks on my wildfire ZRE.