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  1. Adamsy


    Sounds about right, i had to wait 6 months for mine. It had a minor tech change and the red replaced with an even nicer red so that was a win, was worth the wait!
  2. I Haven't experienced any issues with my MY19 SL and the only thing i can remember about seats on the current generation car was that a few vehicles made it through to dealers without the drivers memory seat having it's initialisation completed. 😕
  3. Correct, you burn in Tasmanian in 10 minutes during summer thanks to the UV levels down here, you can spend an hour in QLD in the sun. You make it sound like its every second 40 Series Camry and Aurion is affected when that's far from the case. How many people actually bought these cars new for 45-50k and service with Toyota & have "Good will" as opposed to bought it second hand as the 3rd owner and never returned to Toyota for anything but service campaigns or recalls? Just out of interest? I remember now why the early adopters of this forum all left now.. It's become embarrassing.
  4. Your given 10 years/240,000kms to make a claim. What more do you want? If it hasnt occurred within 10 years then theres a better than average chance that your like me and the vast majority of 40 series owners who don't have the problem. If they gave us 12 years to claim then somebody a month outside of that time frame would be sooking. It has to be cut off at some point and 10 years is surely fair enough.
  5. Im pretty sure 10 years is long enough "fit for purpose" and its a customer service exercise not warranty two completely different things. Id be embarrassed to harrass a manufacturer or its franchised dealers about an issue with my ten year old product...
  6. Basically a couple of muppets felt their switch was a bit sticky so they took it upon themselves to open up the board and lubricate it. Unfortunately what they used was high flammable and caught fire. During the recall the master switch assy is tested, re-greased and anti tamper screws fitted to fend off average joe from taking it upon themselves to attempt to fix things again in the future.
  7. I ordered the updated tech change SL in the new red a month ago with an expected wait time of 4 to 6 months! 😢
  8. Short answer is YES, the 70 Series sits on the new TNGA platform (Same as C-HR & new Corolla) the wheelbase is longer, track wider, and weight lower making the balance of the car notably better. The SL has a reasonably soft suspension tune so rides well on 18" wheels but it also turns in and controls the body well. it's defiantly a more engaging and enjoyable car to drive. In the past you wouldn't have bothered trying to drive any Camry or Aurion "Spiritedly" other than the Sportivo/ TRD variants where as with this model you could have fun in any variant.
  9. Hey adamsy 

    i recetly bought a 08 Zr6 

    with TRD brakes all i need is rotors and calipers is that it?

    1. Adamsy


      Heck, let me try and remember. The brake lines are also different and they may have had a couple of different mounting brackets for the hoses too - Including for the master cylinder. There wasn't much difference though and bolted on easily. I also started using the TRD "BF-5) brake fluid as well. 

  10. Ahh i see, did you by chance drive either of the other two powertrains?
  11. I took home a blue SL Hybrid last week and i was very impressed with the HSD power train, defiantly a jump in power and torque over 50 series with the ability to run for a lot longer in EV and at higher speeds. Rest of the car is just a giant step forward for Camry. It's really a shame the SL can't be had with the SX suspension or the SX with a "technology" pack as i really liked the toys in the SL but would prefer the firmer SX tune though. Overall though Toyota has done a great job with the new car.
  12. Yes i agree, i prefer the Sports package but had to stop reading all the festures it missed out on compared to the SL. Shame the don't offer a "technology " pack on the SX to help bridge the gap. Odd your dealer doesn't have any cars at all.. ive only driven the 2.5 Ascent Sport and was impressed, definitely a big step forward.
  13. Hey all, Just wondering if anybody had already taken delivery of an SX with the red interior trim? If so what's your thoughts and do you have any other images of it. I like it in some images but it looks over the top in others so just after opinions from those that have seen it in the flesh. Thanks