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  1. Was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before I go and get it checked out? I've noticed the HID headlights in my Levin ZR have been playing up recently. By playing up I mean they will come on as normal then after a short while I will lose one, then they will both go out. I can rotate the light stick to off then back up to on and they turn on again for a while then go out. I'm thinking that the globes may be on the way out and want to replace them first before looking into whether it may be a ballast. I've come across these HID globes on ebay - JDM GARAX D4S D4R HID was looking at
  2. Am looking for a TTE front lip for corolla ZRE152 PM me if you can help me out Thx
  3. Been having troubles trying to identify and rectify an annoying rattle through the steering wheel when I drive over bumpy and uneven surfaces at low to medium speed. I have taken the car to the dealer and they accept there is a rattle but they haven't been able to fix, having had 2 attempts at it. First they said it was steering column related, so left the car there for a day, they indicated that they tightened something in the column and that should be ok, if not it would be a trial and error activity to diagnose. Unfortunately the rattle was still there :(. I booked it in again, round 2,
  4. Hi all, just got an 07 Levin ZR (sliver) and want to get some Kappa wheels for it, was wondering if the 18"x7.5 ones fit ok after lowering or do I need to stick with the 17"x7.5? Apologies if this topic's been covered before, did a search but couldn't find anything. Thanks Paul

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