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  1. I know this is an older thread, but i would just like to say i can confirm (incase anyone was not aware) my 2009 Kluger Grande AWD is electronically limited to just under 180km/h (most, if not all japanese built cars are limited to 180km/h as per japanese law - with some manufacturers choosing to remove this limitation when they are exported (or imported) into another country outside japan, but, in the case of the Aussie Klugers, Toyota did not choose to remove this speed limiting. and FSAG, i achieved around 10.8L per 100KMs on a recent trip from sydney to just north of Armidale taking the Bucketts way and Thunderbolts way. (avoiding the new england highway) loaded boot with 3 adults.
  2. i was getting my first service done today, and while i was waiting i wandered around the showroom floor, and low and behold i paid attention (for the first time in ages) to the fuel consumption stickers on the vehicle on display. The Kluger sticker actually states for pure urban driving to expect 15.8L/100mks, and the combined is 11.6 (Grande). Fair enough i thought, thats about what i get if i lead-foot it around town, but what i thought was funny, and mildly depressing was that the Landcruiser V8 sahara has better combined rating than the kluger! (DOH!) how the heck does the V8 'Cruiser beat our 6cylinder for economy?!?
  3. G'day all, Was peeking around the engine bay last night (with a torch) but i noticed on our Kluger (fitted with factory nudge bar) two large polystyrene pieces encasing a silver 'aluminium' block. They are located in two places; 1) standing at the front of the car, look down on your battery then underneath, then slightly towards the front of the car 2) Same place, on the drivers side Is this something to do with the SRS Airbags, and WTF is with the foam blocks?!? Almost as good an idea as putting some kind of fabric material in the wheel arches (rear wheel arches) does everyone have that BS aswell?
  4. I've just gone through the pain of purchasing new tyres for my KX-S. In the end I settled on the Bridgestone D400's because I've had no trouble with them regarding wear, noise ..etc.. I considered the ADVAN ST and in fact they were cheaper than the D400's but the oversize tyre may cause more problems. I was told to watch out for the front tyres rubbing on full lock as there's not a great deal of room under the front guards. This can be fixed but added more cost. From a pricing perspective, the D400's were quoted by three of the larger national tyre chains at $550, $515, $489. Next I tried a smaller independent tyre shop called "King of Tyres" at Baulkham Hills (Sydney). They said $450 each - SOLD!! The best price I got on the ADVANS was $437 by JAX Tyres. just a side note - beware of the "king of tyres" they have a hills district reputation as the "kings of wheel nuts left off car". Too many times i have driven past only to see a car up the road from them missing a rim, and it has happened to a guy i now live near, from the same shop... moral is - Check they're on tight yourself.
  5. well, by now everyone knows that if you hold the info button and flick the headlights on and off 3 times you get the service menu, but i was mucking around tonight and i touched the top left corner, then bottom right corner and a further diagnostics menu appears, but sadly no further into the workaround at this point... surely a few changes to some hex values will open this puppy up! anyone out there able to open/decode the .KWI file(s) necessary?
  6. the only thing i looked at as far as LPG goes is- "where the fark would the tank go?" :P
  7. G'day all, Quick question - is the cruise control light (in the dash) always green (when turned on)? For example - in a mazda, you turn the cruise control module "ON" and it will illuminate "Cruise" in Orange/Amber. When you set a speed to make it "active" it turns green (while it is actually in control of speed). In a holden, there is an "ON" mode and an "ACTIVE" mode aswell, displayed differently. In the kluger, when you press the cruise button "ON" the dash illuminates 'cruise' as green, then when you activate it to a set speed, it stays the same green colour, so the only way i know its working or active is to look at the speedo to see if it drops speed or not.... is it just me or is that a bit of a no-no with cruise control?
  8. Thanks Mark, awesome update. Any pics you may have of the install by any chance? and may i ask, what was the connector you needed to change?
  9. Yep (unlike RAV whose AWD is 'on demand'). On the Kluger Price thread, you will notice many of the good buys used either fleet discount or novated lease. Some of us who did not have these benefits, paid somewhere around the $53K mark for KX-S AWD on-road (excluding extras). I paid just under $56k in Dec08 (Nov08 build) in Canberra which is without hesitation a terrible place to bargain for a car. This price included: nudge bar, tow pack, roof racks and rear parking sensors. By no means the lowest price, but I am so happy that the KX-S is everything I wanted. *Edit* I think side steps are not much more than 'eye candy' ... side step will not help one little bit in reaching rear roof rack which is in line with rear axle. Front roof rack is in line with centre of rear door, so just open rear door to reach that one. I found ONE use for side steps (in regards to reaching the roof racks) its when you're at the snow and it's slushy on the ground, i can stand on the step and not put "boot slush" in the car or on the door sill, it stays outside on the side step, but you're right, it does bugger all in helping you reach the rear roof rack, unless you move them forward a bit... which is what i've done, all i use them for is snowboards anyway, so its not load bearing critical...
  10. No I am afraid. I am sure if it comes, it will come as a module to cancel the speed. But I am sure it can't kill the speed all together. If you go under the tunnel and lose the GPS signal, your car speed will continue to guide the location. I guess a module to convert speed = 0 to say 5 will do I guess. There are many unit to connect iPod to, but yet to see a unit that display CD text ... I guess there must be one outthere that I have not found out. Thanks for the update, i appreciate it. What's the opinion out there on the best ipod/Iphone 3G "box" for the grande nav system? (is it the base VAIS unit?) Also - anything enabling video on the front screen yet, A/Ice don't yet have a solution :-( ? Thanks again.
  11. We're getting our new AWD Grande tomorrow and there were a few reasons why i chose the Kluger over it's competitors; 1) [i read this on the net somewhere, but it sums up my feeling for me] - The CX9 feels like i'm driving an Armani suit, the Kluger felt like a comfy pair of jeans. 2) It has the space i need for work, with the ability to be a Designated Driver taxi for our family/friends 3) It has the features i need, with a few more i want (except for the Nav/Bluetooth lockout while moving) 4) Again, i just feel comfortable in it, i have owned Hilux's, Surfs etc so i am comfortable with the toyo's, the next closest competitor was the CX9, and although i much prefer its leather appointment, memory seating etc, i just couldn't find myself calling it "home" (i spend alot of time on the road). It made me feel like an imposing Euro Wa#$#r for some reason, i loved the car, but i was more at ease in the Kluger... 5) After having utilised fords for company cars, i wouldn't want to spend a single cent of my own money on one (there goes the territory, hahahaha) 6) It can tow our boat :-)
  12. G'day all, Just about to pickup my new AWD Grande tomorrow, and I was wondering if there is any success in find an over-ride or hack for the toyota Nav system fitted in the Grande's? Also - is it true that the only compatible VAIS unit is the basic ipod box? (advanced ice seem to believe this is the case). Thanks in advance...