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  1. how level the vehicle will sit depends on what weight you have in the vehicle, bullbars, drawers, canopy water tanks etc. you will need a wheel alignment afterwards beacuse it will change your tow and camber angles. i have liftkit bits for that model here if your interested pm me.
  2. they are a non serviceable unit, the bearing is a double rowed bearing with a peened stub which means you cant pull it apart to get grease where you would grease normally. bolt it on and go!
  3. few more bits from the collection up for sale Jap spec ZZT231 180kph Speedo cluster $150 Jap spec ZZT231 climate control, includes radio surround facia with control panel ,wiring loom,blower box and heater box from under the dash $200 ZZT231 elec window switch unit $40
  4. i have a set of chrome exterior door handles...
  5. sorry yea i meant if you have a single cab you can take the front door looms and latch mechanisms etc from a four door one. theres a couple of wires you have to extend due to the longer door but nothing major. you mays well take the elec windows aswell like i did:P
  6. dont have part numbers but theres always heaps of them at the wreckers, the four door ones fit on the two door ones fine too...
  7. The protruding bit goes towards the wheel side/outside, it has a bigger taper inside it which matches where it butts up to on the axle, it wont go all the way on if you put it around the wrong way and obviously the wheel postioning will be all whacked.
  8. Terry at Road and Track, Hes over ipswich way. If you want someone with 2zz experience.
  9. So I am in Melbourne now, so if there was ever a time to reply, it would be now haha
  10. it looks like something from the heater box, theres a few moving parts similar on the side of the heater box if you look under that area you might see something missing....
  11. you think your cars changed.... mine magically changed into a hilux for months on end, cant wait for it to magically turn back into the corolla haha
  12. The sportivo skirts i bought brand new and put on my wagon only had the grommets under the car 2x10mm bolts at either end and the double sided rubber mould that runs the length didnt require the holes/clips like the levin ones.
  13. i just converted mine, the best thing to do is just get a pair of the factory central striker modules and wire them into an aftermarket keyless unit, i ended up using the whole door looms and the elec modules and i took the elec windows aswell and made it all work in my tgn16r,