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  1. Hi All, The above items are still available for sale.
  2. Hi mate, yes, I still have 2 sets left. I'm pretty sure they will fit the hatch model, but you better ask this question on the Corolla forum or check with the dealer to be 100% sure. Please send me a PM if you want to buy a set.
  3. Am sorry mate, I have no idea. You can check with your dealer and see if they are the same.
  4. Hi Guys, The above LED Mirror Covers are still available for sale. In addition to that, I have a new set of Genuine Toyota Tail Lights (full set, left & right) that are also available for sale for a crazy price of $400.00 (for the full set) and that is less than half the dealers price (dealers price is $899.00). These tail lights are suitable for all sedan ZRE corolla models. Send me a PM if interested. Can be picked-up in Sydney or posted for $25.00 to anywhere in Australia.
  5. Hi Guys, Time to say Goodbye to the Rolla, so it's for sale $19,000 o.n.o with 28,000kms on the clock and all mods included. Send me a PM if interested. P.S. I will also advertise it in the "For Sale" section.
  6. They're from eBay US. Just do a search and you'll find them.
  7. Hi Guys, I have been asked if I can have these mirror covers colour-coded and the answer is yes, for an additional $40.00 I can have the mirror covers professionally colour-coded for you using Genuine Toyota paint if you can provide the colour-code of your ZRE. 100% colour-match guaranteed.
  8. I have edited the price in my first post from the original $165.00 price tag and it is now $125.00. Thanks
  9. Price drop to $125.00/set (including regular postage within Australia) They must go!
  10. Can't remember mate to be honest as I ordered heaps more stuff for them at the same time, this job was only a small part of it, so not sure how much they charged me for it (if at all). Yes, the LED in my spoiler has a red lens. I prefer that to the clear one, goes well mith the LED tail lights I have. It takes them about 4 days to have it painted and they can install it on the same day. It's pretty easy to install, but I don't like drilling new cars LOL :)
  11. I had the chrome garnish on the headlights before that and from the day I got the ZRE for my wife, I didn't like the "scared" look of the ZRE sedan and the way the headlights were extending to the sides, so the chrome surround garnish helped reduce that a bit because I couldn't find any eyelids back then, but with the eyelids I believe that scared type of look of the ZRE front is gone and it looks much more aggressive. ;) The spoiler is from Talon. Supplied, painted and fitted by them as well.