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  1. Best post so far this thread... pity only about 3 people on this forum will know the meaning to it.... I am pretty sure this one has been done completely rope free..... far change from the olden days lol
  2. This one is alot more thorough then my attempt several years ago, (learning from your mistakes is the best way to learn, there has been more thought and considerations put into this attempt then when I tried to rush it all together) .... as for all the bits and pices amassed from my attempt they were all sold off pretty much straight away, The Blue rolla is now my wifes car.
  3. Can be Done and Has been Done.... take a look at Pippys Thread about his levin
  4. If your car is indeed a genuine 95 turbo and not a conversion then you should most deffinately have a CT20b and you would only want to replace it with the CT20b as it is a much better turbo that the CT26.
  5. dunno what's up with Corey... I was kinda thinking the same thing... X3
  6. You shouldn't have any fittment issues Bill as long as the TuRD wheels aren't a strange design. Pippy's 16" Enkei's fitted over the 302mm setup we did for him, so your 295mm should be fine :) The only issue (if you can even call it an issue) was getting the wheel balancing weights changed from the ones they stick to the inside of the rim to the type that clip onto the lip of the rim. But with 295mm you may still clear them anyway.
  7. "consdering the work done " yeah so much work went into my old car, a CAI and a catback exhaust with a mildly tuned emanage I didnt even have extractors (yet I still won the highest 1ZZ at the CES dyno day Remember ;) ) Considering it went from a fresh (basically brand new stock car) of 71kw atw to a 4 year 100000km old car with 90.5kw atw I think both Jason and myself were quite happy with the results of True DIY'ing Anyway Back to the topic at hand.... Great work DuGong, Glad to see you got the wiring sorted out :)
  8. Stupid Farting baby Oh well thanks for the effort everyone... so anyone interested in a logitech harmony 1000i remote
  9. Yeah I sent it in a while ago... see this thread and its a Logitech prize worht $500 for being shown and $10000 for the weekly winner ;)
  10. Yeah Voting Closed at 11.59pm last night... Thanks to everyone who voted.. now i will just have to wait and see
  11. Bl00dy mobile company workers :P hahahah thanks for the votes guys i am worried about that dam farting baby tho <_<
  12. Who said i was selling the rolla???... Thanks for the votes guys :) will just have o wait till next saturday to see how i go.... fingers crossed
  13. cheers Micky :D i was just about to update with the SMS option
  14. Hey Everyone, As most of you know a couple of years ago I drove my car into a pond at a race day at darlingtom park up here in qld, it just so happened that the video camera I had setup caught all the action and I have finally gotten around to sending it into funniest home videos... well It was just on and i have just checked the website and i made it into the top 4 So if you'd like to throw a vote or 2 my way it would be much appreaciated :D If you thought Finalist three: 'Engine Flood' was the funniest video, phone 1902 555 103. The winner will be announced in the next show. Calls cost maximum 55c. Terms and conditions available on Australia's Funniest Home Video Show homepage. Cheers Mark
  15. No nothing has changed... they are different The Clutch Kits for the 1zz and 2zz have different pressure plates, which is the only difference...(yet since they are generally sold as kits, not individual parts they have different Part #'s) the clutch disc is the same, and is the same one that has been used on the Toyota C Series Gearboxes for years.