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  1. Newbie

    If you do a search on the forums re exhaust changes for the Aurion I think you will find that Toyota did a pretty good job with the standard exhaust. Trying to make it better/louder just results in a loss of performance and droaning. I would take it back to standard. Just my 2c worth.
  2. Suspected Intermediate Shaft Spline

    They know that it is a known issue so They fixed it for free. Tell them that you are not paying.
  3. Suspected Intermediate Shaft Spline

    I have had mine repaired by Toyota three times. All they do is replace the grease with heavier stuff. It is starting to knock again now for me as well. Time to get them to regrease. It is nmot a safety issue.
  4. Water in ignition?

    Thanks for following up mate. Yep all good. Fired up like there was no tomorrow. Probably just had a slightly bad battery connection. thanks again.
  5. Water in ignition?

    I have checked battery fluid levels and cleaned terminals and have put the battery on the charger to run overnight. Hopefully that may give the required result. I will check battery condition after charging, but it should be ok as battery is only 10 months old. Thanks for your help mate.
  6. Water in ignition?

    Yep. Sounds almost identical.
  7. Water in ignition?

    No I did not do the interior. Was going to do that tomorrow. I will check out the battery level and see if that helps. Cheers trentmeyer23.
  8. Water in ignition?

    Thanks for this link, but I don't think contact wear in the solenoid is the problem. It must be water in a connection somewhere as it was starting perfectly prior to giving the engine bay a light hose. Can anyone point me in the correct direction of the connection that could be the problem?
  9. I have 2007 ATX and washed it this afternoon. I gave the engine bay a very light hose out to just remove dust. Did not use any pressure. Now engine will not start. There is power but all I get is a very fast clicking (that seems to be coming from the starter motor area) but no starter engagement. Is there a particular connector that may have water in it that could be the major cause? So if this has been discussed previously but I could not find anything with a search. TIA.
  10. Wobble at the front

    I'd be looking at wheel bearing/s or a suspect tyre next.
  11. Just thought I had better follow up on this one. Better late than never. The bar was happily replaced under warranty. I was advised that it should never break they have not seen one break before. Replacement was sent very quickly. Could not be happier with Ultra Racing.
  12. I was under the impression when I bought it that they were good. A lot of guys on this forum were recommending them so I made that assumption. I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with them after some kms have been put on them.
  13. The rust section I mentioned appears inside the bar near its centre and the metal looks very ganulated, crystaline and uneven at this point. It looks like some sort of tempering error. Yes I have good photos of it, both insitu prior to removing it and of each side of the break after removal. You are right, I probably am pushing s%^t up hill with regard to any warranty but I still believe there must have been a manufacturing fault given the appearance of the break. I like to corner reasonably hard but nothing I would call excessively hard. So I don't think that my driving style really had anything to do with it breaking. I also don't have a steap drive way with a bad approach angle. I will give Ultra Racing a chance but I won't hold my breath.
  14. It is the real thing direct from Ultra Racing. That appears to be exactly what happend. I think they should cover it if it had a manufacturing fault as a bar should never break under normal driving conditions. I don't race the car or drive that hard. I only fitted it to try and reduce the terrible body roll.
  15. When I purcahse my 2007 ATX I fitted the Ultra Racing 19mm rear sway bar. That was approx 3 years ago. Lately the handling was rubbish and I assumed it was wheel alignment. Upon jacking up the car the sway bar had snapped on the right hand side just inboard of the mounting bracket. After removing it and replacing with the original bar it was obvious that the Ultra racing bar had a definate fault. There was a band of rust right across the middle of the break with only 2 points of solid metal. It finally gave way on the solid part. My question is...has anyone else experienced a breakage with the ultra racing bar. I really feel like getting all over them like a cheap suit as one would not expect a bar to just break on a normal road car. Can someone also give the contact for the importer of these bars as I can no longer find it. Cheers.