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  1. The starter motor is under the airbox, or in my case under the K & N intake. There is one wire to remove then two bolts to release it. Change over time is approximately half an hour. Yes it was the starter motor.
  2. The experiment I have at the moment is that the system is a full twin exhaust, I have had one cannon muffler removed and it has a cackly bark when stomped on from the straight pipe bank, the only downside is a momentary fluffy sound approaching idol. Will wait until I get the other side matched up before deciding if it needs any more mufflers, and choice of tips.
  3. Has anyone encountered a non responsive TFT screen, and is there any way of fixing them?
  4. I had the same wires break, and even though that part isn't used with the K&N intake, it is part of an electrical circuit that can't be broken.
  5. After removing the K&N heatshield and with a few taps on the top of the starter motor got it going. I have now removed the starter motor and awaiting some $$$ to replace it.
  6. I would be interested indeed. Thank you
  7. this is what I have on mine, but the 2 1/2 cannons that are bolted on ( not in this image) are being removed giving The Maroon Monster a bit of a bark.
  8. Thanks for that, there is no sound from the starter motor at all. I'm picking up another set of relays tomorrow (Friday) and see if they were the culprit.
  9. Now when I try there is a squealing sound from in the back of the engine at ignition on, and the "check VSC" is now showing too :/
  10. There is in the relay in the engine bay, and in another one in the left footwell/glovebox area.
  11. Hello it's been a while, but I still have The Maroon Monster but have not done a lot to it. I have a starting problem which started as an intermittant one and now wont sart at all. Turn the key and there is no power getting down to the starter motor. I would leave it for a while and then it would start later. Not the case now. I have tried to swap relays with a new one, disconnect the battery for a while but nothing. Could it be in the ignition system or the anti theft system?
  12. Did they give you a detailed report? Parts required, etc? Also what mileage is your car on- Its hard to believe you've got an oil leak that's not related to the oil cooler pipe? I had that oil pipe replaced under warranty early in the piece. It has 316k on it now. It was bought to my attention when the new transmission was being installed. That was 110K ago
  13. Just a decent muffler for the 4 cyl would do the trick.
  14. The leak is coming from the timing chain cover, above the power steering pump, and up against the firewall. The quote they gave included removing all the covers and renewing the sealant.

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