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  1. ZRE152 with a few performance modifications: http://www.chukyogomu.com/new_page_14.htm
  2. Not sure about the quality but for look it's much cheaper than the OEM. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rain-Visor-Wind-Deflector-07on-Corolla-Auris-5Dr-Hatch-/220845578884?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item336b6c1a84#ht_784wt_1002
  3. It's interesting why the South African market gets an Auris TRD. It looks like their Toyota's giving away half the Auris GT with only the front spoiler and turbo kit.
  4. jtron85

    Rukus Owner

    That is looking sexy. Nice work :)
  5. Nice work around the turns.
  6. Great post Dutchie! I found the sanding process a little too laborious. Have you tried it yourself?
  7. I can confirm that it's the Auris + Valvematic engine. More details here: http://kanazawa.cockpit-shop.jp/customizecar/ownerscar.html?prm=2617 BACK TO MORE PICTURE DIGGING! Auris GT concept + more TRD Accessories Interesting plates, first time I've noticed these in a ZRE
  8. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Interesting details about the media system.