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  1. In my experience lowering springs unless mated with matching shockies and adjustable camber arms are for asthetic appeal than actual performance so I recommend the sway bar if you are seriously after a budget improved handling performance whilst maintaining a spine friendly ride. Otherwise save up for coilovers, I'm waiting on an update on the K Sport US Camry coilovers from the W.A distributor myself
  2. Wow VF-X............Noice...... Very Noice :)
  3. Show some pics and you'll find answers Around the gear shift kinda looks like carbon finish
  4. I've notice on a few of the Singapore/Thai Aurions that they have a carbon fibre look dash kit fitted does anyone know how to get hold of these?
  5. I honestly think extended warranty is a waste of money considering you fork out a K for what exactly?? I don't really get it you still have to ensure you maintain regular service intervals which in reality will avoid any major mechanical issues. Even better change the oil filters and plugs yourself to me it is all part of the joy of owning and modifying your car the way you want. Cheers Fiddy
  6. the overwhelming weight of a few JD's

  7. Fiddy

    GB: Aurion Parts

    No worries Davo :)
  8. Hey Mr Grumble I bought a pack of five off of the net for 16 bucks a few weeks back and have a few spares so if your in Perth you can have one. Cheers Fiddy
  9. On the topic of wheels I'm looking a set of Volk GT-U's front 18x9 +29 and rear 18x10 +38 the placing selling them has no idea if they would fit an Aurion (and they are in Sydney me in Perth) so what is the widest you've heard of being run on the rears? Ohhhh sorry for hijacking ya thread buddy :) Thanks
  10. Fiddy

    GB: Aurion Parts

    Interested in the ducktail, Lexus VIP style Grill and a price on the Garson Style VIP kit if possible. Thanks
  11. Fiddy

    The Beginning