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  1. Hi all, Parting out my ZRE152 hatch 1. C-One front strut bar $120 2. Rear spoiler with fibreglass moulded on C-One wing tips (Black)- bit of chip on one of the inside edges, other than that it is in good condition $180 3. TRD axleback $150 4. BC Racing coilovers- I bought them used but never installed them $400 5. Levin side skirts (Black- Pair) $200 6. SSR Type F wheels 17x8 +35 with RE003 tyres with good tread - Gutter rash on wheels. $1300 Prices are negotiable, please throw me offers! PM me or comment or text x0413593989x- will get to you as soon as I can. Can send photos and will upload to this post when I can. Local pick up preferred in Cabramatta 2166 area. But can ship interstate if buyer can help organise shipping. Cheers, Andy
  2. The euro side skirts look really good, much more streamline than the levin. comparing them i think levin ones are too bulky imo.
  3. can't remember how much the wing cost but i bought it off another member here and the same with the skirts.. so all were second hand. yeh when i was looking around for levin skirts.. they were too pricey.
  4. HAT31T level 6 carpark para westfields on saturday i was the one in the black zre who tried to say hi while parking lol
  5. Does anyone know have instructions to connect the steering wheel controls to an after market headunit?

    1. Rukus Son

      Rukus Son

      Nope i let the experts handle all of that is less complicated ;)

  6. Spotted Stock this arvo at fairfield. clean your wheels! lol
  7. Woo spotted.. haha was heading back home after going to super cheap auto.. 20% off megs products. is it still on ? LOL yeh im pretty sure it is, just started on wednesday
  8. Woo spotted.. haha was heading back home after going to super cheap auto.. 20% off megs products.
  9. BUMP! Sorry been busy and totally forgot about this thread. PRICES REVISED Please PM me