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  1. Off topic... since I would assume you went that way, how did the Kluger absorb the bumpiness of the Newell? I have sworn to never again drive that road if I need to get to Melbourne. My poor shocks. Emu... now that's a first. I've seen roos (some lying on the lane next to me luckily, some that I've had to avoid... both alive and dead), foxes, and rabbits, but definitely not emus. I have hit a bat of all things though. The only part of the Newell that was terrible was the stretch between Moree & Goondiwindi. It's a national disgrace. The Kluger handled it OK though. As for road works, I had to stop 3 times fully for about 5 mins each time.
  2. I bottomed the front end slightly today and bent the bolt holding the right side of the plastic under pan or what ever its called. Havent taken it apart yet as all my tools are in transit. Does anyone have a factory manual I can download so I can guess what damage has been done? It looks like the bolts bent back and the plastic has hole in it with metal showing through. I'll get a pick tomorrow. I wouldnt mind a manual though!
  3. I just did the Melb to Brisbane run, did anout 1,600km used average 8.6l/100km. Generally sticking to speed limits, plus the odd shoot to 160km/h to get around those pesky road trains. Filled up in Cranbourne, next fill was West Wyalong (spelling?). Stopped over night at Coonabarabran, 1,000km day is easy in this car (I was by myself), I probably could have done the whole trip in one go I reckon. Only saw 1 roo the whole trip, although I had to brake hard once to avoid an emu that stepped out infornt of me!
  4. udor

    White marks on dash

    The kluger dash marks so damn easily. Does anyone know of a good product what will remove the ugly white marks on the KLugers plastics???
  5. udor

    joining the KX-R club

    Dont buy it. Klugers are heaps of crap.
  6. udor

    KLuger vibrations

    LOL In my opinion Hyundai is streets ahead of toyota now.
  7. udor

    KLuger vibrations

    Dont make me laugh. I have owned a lot of new cars over the years and never had 'remorse' as you say. I have also driven many models of cars like most other people probably have on this site over the years and I have never experienced this before. Therefore, it is my opinion that this is abnormal, and certainly would not have been designed to operate in this way. I am a commissioning engineer by trade and when I come across these problems I would ensure that the supplier would investigate and rectify - which I will. And if they say its 'normal' then they must sign off that it is not detrimental and will not affect the operating life of the vehicle, not for just '3 years'. I definately wont be buying another toyota, very poor quality. (In addition I noticed a grinding noise coming from the steering while I was turning left. Toyota is a joke. I'm gonna flog this POS off in a year to some other poor sap, cut my losses and buy something decent).
  8. udor

    KLuger vibrations

    The vibrations are unacceptable in a 50k car, and should have been engineered out during development of the vehicle. I would have expected better from Toyota, so I dont think I'll be keeping this POS. Should have just bought the Santa fe (my previous car was a Tuscon, great car no vibrations or any trouble at all. thanks Hyundai). Thumbs down to Toyota.
  9. udor

    KLuger vibrations

    Yeah, it happens whenever the enginer is at ambient, and for a few minutes. I'll have to ask the dealer about it.
  10. udor

    KLuger vibrations

    G'day. I picked up my FWD Kluger last friday. The thing I have noticed is that when the engine is cold and I stick it in reverse or drive, a lot of vibrations enter the cabin. When the engine warms up the vibration are no longer apparent. Anyone else notice this?
  11. udor

    joining the KX-R club

    Hey Dave, are you breaking it in like Rice Racing did? Or are you just driving it normally.
  12. udor

    Gen.II Kluger recall

    It appears that they screwed up the spec for the original rubber pipe. My guess is that the new rubber pipe would last much longer. I dont have anything against using a rubber oil pipeline provided it is guaranteed to last the life of the engine. I dont think it would though. Perhaps what they might do is grant anyone who requests a solid metal pipeline just that, and those who dont care or kick up a fuss, just the up-speced rubber one. IF I was the Toyota dealer I would do that to keep my customers happy.
  13. Mine is due on the 16th. Glad your happy with it. I think the Alpine DVD doesn't play divx or xvid?