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  1. Arguing with an Engineer is a lot like wrestling in the mud with a pig.... after a few hours, you realize she likes you...

  2. Haha!! I can't help but laugh at this one everytime LOL! **puff** "Okay, I'm here.. what are your other two wishes??"
  3. The forum?? what the heck happened to it??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. .gorgz


      Too much confusion, too much headache... was wondering where everything went lol

    3. 4ABHGE


      Forum just hit VTAKs yo!

    4. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X


  4. What's a fast way to earn money without selling my *****

  5. Anyone future or current 86 owners a member of OZFT86 here?

  6. Maybe he should have tried turning the traction control off before he drove the FR-S.. I don't know, but I don't trust anything a guy wearing a gold jacket and shorts would say..
  7. 400-600 bux?! I don't know where you're going but you're getting ripped off.. 200 to about 300 dollars sounds about right.. why don't you take it in for a quote.. get a quote and then take it to another panel shop and say "this guys charging me this much, how much can you do it for?"
  8. Quite annoyed, when the dealer going to give me an EXACT DATE for when my car arrives T_T

  9. Yeh, true.. Thing it would be as well.. The GTS center console also comes with the push button start as well.. Curious to find out exactly how much work it would be tho :-/
  10. Graduates.... they need to be spoon fed everything... I'll be putting up with 20 more minutes of this till I start ignoring him -.-"

  11. Hi Guys, For those of you that have seen the car, you would have probably noticed the difference in the climate control panel between the GT model verses the GTS. The GTS comes with the automatic climate control console, as for the GT comes with your standard dial controlled much like what you find in most affordable cars. My question is (and I'm not sure if anyone would probably be able to answer it just yet), is if you had the climate control console from a GT, would it be as simple as plug and play onto a GT model? Or, would you think that there would be some alterations regarding the wiring harness on it etc? Reason being is that I've seen some Climate Control Consoles from the GTS for sale online... and for those of you that realized that the differences between the manual GT and the manual GTS are only cosmetic, I'm sure that some GT owners may be interesting in upgrading this in the future.
  12. Interesting! :D Congratulations, I know a lot of people that have queued up for the GTS.. 17 month wait leaves me to queston whether it's really worth it.. Cant wait to see what you have instore for it :-) Congrats again
  13. 3 more months :-)

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      damn i didnt know preludes were still made LAWL

  14. Toyota screwing with me again!!! no GTS till 18 months now!! wtf?! should've went the GT :(

    1. 69.NIX


      dude, this was a known problem about 2-3 weeks ago.

    2. Brad - SX6

      Brad - SX6

      Hopefully they ramp up production at the end of the year (possibility!!) What did you order? Color? Aero?

    3. .gorgz


      Pegasus White, Manual GTS..

      I should've just went the GT considering the that manual GT comes with an LSD as well.. wouldn't had been much of a loss if I ever plan on tracking it

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