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  1. Mmmm??....I have a honda powered brush cutter, a honda powered edger, a 9hp honda powered trencher....a 5 hp B&S powered thatcher, an 8 year old B&S powered mower, a 3.5hp B&S powered cultivator....All on 95 and I have never had a problem starting any of them....Yeah, there is a lot to be said about old school....
  2. Personally I don't care....I'm an old school motor mechanic, been out of the game for years and I won't even put 91 or ethanol fuels in engines of my yard care power equipment or my old motorbike...I only ever use 95 in them....
  3. They've been talking about the demise of 91 for years....The problem seems to be the fuel companies are resisting the additional infrastructure investment that would be needed because of the Australian market size....
  4. Cheers....The reality is the more refined the fuel is, the cleaner the burn....The cleaner the burn the less throttle ya need....Plus your engine and ya injectors will luv ya....
  5. Ya missing the point.... 4 of ya killer wasps means nothing compared to the difference in price between 91 and 98.... 95 and 98 is more refined and burns cleaner....In a lot of European country's ya can't even buy 91 (funny enough even when ya can still buy leaded fuel)
  6. 95 in a standard Aurion is plenty....98 is overkill....Just run a few tank fulls of 95 through when you can and you will at least help clean up your injectors....
  7. Pardon me....I knew about the Vic border being closed....Don't know anything about the Qld border....I try to avoid the news....It's too damn depressing...
  8. Who wants to go to mexico anyway??....😉
  9. I consistently can get 8.1 to 8.3/100klms on the highway, a/c c/c on and I don't hold anyone up if you know what I mean....😉
  10. Burying your foot in a TRD Aurion is waste of time anyway....If the traction control doesn't kick in, the torque steer is uncomfortable....
  11. Fuel economy has little to nothing to do with what type of fuel you use...That's a wallet problem ....The more bang you pay for the more bang you get for your buck....And modern day air conditioning uses next to nothing... Simple fact of life...It's application of your foot that counts.... A higher horsepower well tuned car will always achieve better economy if you don't use all the horses.... A small horsepower car will drink a lot because ya pushing it.... It's the old story....I sold my V8 and now have a 4 cylinder that uses more fuel to get from point A to B....
  12. Need to get to the slides to stop an minor but annoying rattle when it's slid back. I suspect that a couple of the balls in the slide need a little bit of grease packed around them. Any tips??
  13. TRD#184 - 80,000 klm I ended up taking it to a paint shop and they used one of them paint analysers. Ordered paint pens according to the codes from BCS auto paints and they were fine. Admittedly it was only for a couple of small stone chips so any small difference would be hard to notice.
  14. Ya might want to rethink that...False economy...Consider...Less millage...Less power = increased throttle application...Dirty fuel injectors...Put your TRD performance car on the market and buy a corolla....