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    Air Intakes

    I just bought a 6th gen Celica 1998 ST204R and was wondering wats the best air intake mods done or recommended out there. Pod? Just change to a less restrictive filter in the stock box....? any other ideas or things i should know?
  2. Thanks guys! Your information is realli helpful! Yeah im in the market for a corolla in february/march. Any tips on points to look for? Im currently drivin an old family car which is a crappy Lada(waits for the laughter!) hehe so this is my virgin car purchase! =) im pretty excited. Does anyone know whether the conquests and upward models are really hard to find in Perth? My friend in midland toyota says they are quite rare but ive yet to research any other dealers / private sales. Also Im sure its been covered in past topics but are their any major interior/exterior differences? Another burning question is im guessing another performance improvement aspect would be transmission related if im correct. Is it worth gettin a TRD flywheel, or any other suggestion? =) Thanks alot guys!
  3. Hey everyone, please excuse my newness! =) im in the market for a corolla in the next month or so and ive been reading up on this helpful forum and I had a few questions that I realli wish i knew the answers to: 1) On the TRD site and the CAI is stated as for the 2ZZ-GE i was wondering if it was compatible with the 1ZZ. Additionally i was wondering wat kind of performance improvement it may have? Anyone willin to give me a crash course on the principles behind CAI and what not. 2) Any good resellers of TRD parts in Perth? 3) TRD suspensions, (struts and what not), sort of effect it will have, and price range (im realli uneducated on this topic, just something someones recommended)?