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  1. Hey everyone, i don’t think I’ve posted in here for years now and I still have my aurion from 2009 🙂 I haven’t replaced my LED parkers and reverse lights for some years and I realised one of my reverse led’s don’t work so I want to replace both front and rear reverse and parkers. I cannot remember at all what type I would need for both, can anyone help out an old time member haha thank you.
  2. looooooooooool. far out it's been ages since I've been online... over 1 year. I still have her and she's happier than ever. Still cleaning and servicing her regularly . I spend so much time on something that I grow too attached to just give it up... But I sure as hell wouldn't mind the new holden VF's Mark II's. Knock on wood the car has been 100% since the first day I bought her. Still goes strong like the day I got it. As long as you look after your Toyota, it'll look after you :)
  3. Hey hey! Good to see some of you still remember these forums. I haven't posted in a loooong time too since all the newbies started flooding in and we started to lose some of our good members and when I saw this thread thought I'd say hi as well! I still have my car and love it as always. No plans to sell her at all. Just recently put on the 18" kappas so still modding here and there :)!
  4. thanks guys. Since then, I've put on the chrome grill. At first I wasn't too happy with it but it's grown on me :)
  5. Sweet. Interested in to see how it looks. Only one ever made and you have it. It's an honour to speak to you. Haha. :)
  6. So if I got this straight, this rare coloured aurion trd is yours and you might sell it soon? Any pics?
  7. Good stuff man. About the gap on the grill. I used a cable tie and pulled it up and tied it to the plastic cover. Now she sits straight and no more gap :). I won't have that grill for long though. I bought the chrome grill. Hopefully the seller should send it soon:). I'm amazed at what a difference foggies make. Nice touch :).
  8. So what ya'll think? :) took off each door trim just to unscrew those basterds. But I got the hang of it and was easy as afterwords.
  9. If I spot any TRD rims on anywhere (ebay etc) I'll let you know. If not I'll take them for myself, lol jokes :).
  10. the headlights are different but the tailights are the samein what ways are the headlights different. i understand if the facelift and non facelift ones could possibly have a difference. Difference in headlights I would imagine would only be the Presara because they have HID's but besides that I really don't think they'd be any difference in headlights or taillights. And for the OP, check out ebay. They always have rear lights on ebay.
  11. That's pretty cool. Didn't know the new Aurions had such sweet features. Kinda jealous now!!
  12. Hey mate i think i saw your eBay post. Xd let me check with the repair shop see if they can repair and respray under $300'Yeah, I took it down now. Someone is picking it up either today or Friday... They too got rear ended and don't want to go through insurance!
  13. I've got my old bumper but it's silver if interested let me know.
  14. Haha, thanks man. I'm really loving the look. Dunno what others might think but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder The rear just looks phat as. Now I need some frigging 18's or 19's!! On another note, I've booked my car to get detailed by a pro on Thursday. Can't wait :D
  15. Haha, TBH, I want the side skirts first before anything else. I've realised the sportivo rear is a bit fatter and flares out a bit more so the side skirts would make it blend in better haha.

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