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  1. Hi, I just recently purchased a Lexus ES 300, and I was curious, since the Camry and the ES 300 seem to share more than just the engine, gearbox and drivetrain, if the suspention out of a 93 Camry would fit into a 93 ES 300.
  2. Pretty sure it would be illegal to sell the car like that. Just the same as selling a car with it's mileage clocked back. http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/CA256F2B00231FE5/page/2010-April-Dodgy+Car+Dealer+Fined+and+Buyers+Compensated+in+Odometer+Tampering+Case?OpenDocument&1=0-2010~&2=15-April~&3=0-Dodgy+Car+Dealer+Fined+and+Buyers+Compensated+in+Odometer+Tampering+Case~ I know that would be the case, but lets just say they didn't get caught... I've seen quite a lot of ZZE122's and ZZE123's with less than 15,000km on the clock... I know there would be the odd one or two out there with that many, but 90% of papers I pick up, have eater model with anywhere between 10,000 and 19,500km on the clock... It just seems (very) strange to me, that's all.
  3. So Toyota is only asking $600 for a new instrument cluster? Do they charge extra for a Stivo or Levin cluster? That's cool that it lines up perfectly lines up with your red-line... So the Stivo has a smaller tank than the 1zz's?
  4. Obviously they'd charge a crap-load for it though >_>"
  5. Yes, I see that :P I was wanting that as opposed to the crappy lower model looks xD wreckers is ur best bet... i haggled abit and got it dirt cheap becuz of the kms already on the clock (238,000kms LOL) but i dont really mind i still dunno what that right plug behind the cluster is for... i should look thru the manual tonight to see if it says anything... i hope its not a sensor or something <_< Ah, As far as I know it "shouldn't" save the KM's to the instrument cluster..? I was under the impression that there was a computer on the engine somewhere, that saved the information of KM traveled by the car, thus displaying the correct amount when installing a new Instrument cluster... I also thought that having the digital KM readout would make it near impossible to forge a car's Km's (eg. Lets say that it's done 250,000km and you purchase a dash with 100,000km, and the person attempts to sell the car, It's a bit of a rip off to the person purchasing the car}
  6. Yes, I see that :P I was wanting that as opposed to the crappy lower model looks xD
  7. Varex is illegal I think. That it is, but the newer Corolla's have dump pipes, at first glance, it appears close to stock as you'd know from owning one. :P
  8. Nice! I was considering changing most of my exhaust system, got the extractors ready to put in, Was thinking about using a 100CPSI cat, 2.5" all the way through, with an Xforce hot dog, and a Verex adjustable muffler... I'm not sure if it'll be legal or not... Hoping it will though
  9. Good, Sounds like you know your laws, I've heard of people that have done the DB check with stock cars, failed and they didn't pass it for them, Just cause they didn't know the rules...
  10. Cheers, but is that Australia wide or Just Queensland? Think the rules differ in NSW...
  11. Yeah, If the electronic system on the dash would allow it, I know it's a little different than having cable fed speedo and tacho. But it'd be cool if you could, provided it doesn't hit the speedo needle and create havoc and causes both of them to die :P
  12. I wouldn't see Toyota using bullet point single LED's, so due to the inefficiency of the light spread... Not that I pulled the whole thing apart, but I pulled enough apart to see that there was absolutely no user changeable parts, and the screws that were installed by Toyota are crap and strip easy, So be careful xD
  13. Just to double check, doing a Instrument change should work, if the car you pull it out of, is also a manual, and it's from the same region your car's from?
  14. Nope. There are no accessible bulbs. it appeared to be LED's in the dash, already had a quick squizz at mine. This is why I was also looking at other dashes... Wait... i f they r leds. The brightness cant be adjusted becuz of the threshold voltage of the resistor? Any pics of the internals? :P where they soldiered in? Was it hard to pull out if the dash and crack open? Im sacred to do mine afraid somethig might happen lol I forgot to take pics... I could take my dash apart... again for pics sake... but yeah, as far as I figured, they're soldered in, every single light on the dash, but the dash LED's themselves have the ability to be dimmed, as CME-LFT mentioned. by turning your headlights on (at least parkers) and then pushing your trip meter from the Odo (being how many Km your car has) to Trip A, then Trip B, Then once again... You should have these bars appear, if you press and hold your trip meter button in, it should start changing the luminosity of your instrument cluster...