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  1. ECU Error P1660. What is it?

    I just today had the check engine light come on. I got a OBD2 reader form Jcar and got the same error. Thank for posting that pic xCalibur. I was able to go straight to the problem a broken wire on the same plug and same side. My car has only done 78,000 k's. I also had the brake waning light come on at the same time. Has anyone else had that? I hope I don't have 2 problems.
  2. Oil Filter

    It's blue in colour about the diameter of a 5 cent piece and it looks like a paper washer. hmm okay, I never got that before I don't have a sump plug gasket. I have the update 2010 Presara and have just done my second oil change on it. I was surprised that there was no gasket the fist time and thought I must have dropped it in the oil but could not find it. So I have done 10,000 k with out it leaking a drop. Can someone please tell me for sure is there supposed to be a sump plug gasket?