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  1. You know that the pic you`re showing is NOT 100k, 90k, 80k and 70k, it`s STILL your last 5 tanks! You cant reset that graphic to span 10,000kms!!
  2. That seller is here
  3. Unable or just not willing to break some rules? Is there anything in ADR about autolocks? Can't be any logical reason to ban it that I can think of. Would be interesting if someone could get a hold of the configuration device to see what really can or can't be done on the Aussie Klugers. I doubt they would make a special logic chip just for the AU Klugers. I drove a Hyundai van last week for work and when I drove out of Avis and got the speed up I heard a clunk. Didnt know what it was until I went to get out and noticed all the doors were locked. Took it for another drive and sure enough the doors locked when you started driving. When you used the drivers control to unlock them while driving they instantly relocked. I guess there is no issue with regs if rentals are using them! That`s correct. Also, during my many test drives last year, I tested Hyundai i30`s and Dodge Nitro`s and Jeep Cherokees.....all had the auto lock feature.
  4. Well my clicking was quite intermittent, irregular occurring, but regularly heard....if that makes some sorta sense. It wasn`t happening on every tight left or right turn, whether or not it was with the same amount of turn or same speed, and sometimes it ranged from 1 big click to a whole heaps of little clicks, say 6 in a row, but there was always something to be heard and felt when parking or driving at low speed.
  5. My KX-R had this annoying clicking noise in the steering and it is now fixed thankfully. After reading on this forums and others, I thought that my car was also victim to a common steering column fault and that replacing the steering column would be the answer..... Well after 2 visits, I`m pleased to say that Penrith Toyota found out what was causing the clicking at low was caused by 2 loose bolts that fix the engine to the chassis. What was happening, was that there are a total of 4 bolts, and 2 of them were loose up the back. When the steering wheel was turned, ie for parking etc, the body would flex away from the engine, thus causing this clicking noise. So they simply tightened these 2 bolts with the air gun (They said it took 1 and a half turns) and the problem has not been heard since. I asked how did it get like this, (my car has 33,000km on it) and he said that sometimes they simply come from the factory like that and sometimes they will work a little loose. Nothing is to blame, and that it is just one of those wierd things. I`m happy with that.
  6. Yeah mine leaks quite a bit too. I think it`s perfectly normal. I must say that my Kluger has the best air conditioning of any of my cars beforehand. So perhaps the sizeable puddle is an indication of it`s performance. Quick tip, if it looks and smells like clear water, then that`s all it could be from...the air conditioning. Or your windscreen washee bottle I suppose if it had a leak.
  7. Well here`s a suggestion! How about slowing down?!? I don`t normally drive around flogging the guts out of mine, and I never have a problem. I only smell this smell if I am putting the foot down as if I am overtaking or entering a freeway. Then I smell it for about a minute, and then it`s all over. But the majority of the time, I never smell it.
  8. What I might do, is next full tank of fuel I put in, I`ll try to drive it 100% in snow mode and see how it compares. I`m sure even half a tank would give me an indication as to how the fuel economy is going. What I did as a quick test the other day, was I was doing about 60kmh in snow mode, I think I was accelerating slightly, I noticed the economy around the 15L/100km mark, so I turned off snow mode and kept my foot still, and the car lurched forward, and the economy went off the scale in the 30L/100km scale. All I think this means though, is that snow mode adjusts the throttle sensitivity......being electronic "fly by wire" and all.
  9. Well my salesman told me that it starts off in 2nd instead, but I`ve counted all the gears, and it`s still going through 5 of them whilst I`m a little confused.
  10. Shreks Donkey

    Snow mode

    Just wondering if anyone has any views/experiences with this: I`m thinking about driving around in snow mode the majority of the time. I tried it for the first time today and love how it "tames" this beast down around town. I don`t need or want all this power all the time, and snow mode seems to suit the more docile me. Other advantages are it seems smoother and possibly better fuel economy. So what I`m wondering is, would driving in snow mode all the time wear anything out prematurely or should it be ok? My thinking is, my previous automatic cars have had an "economy" switch which changed the timing of gear changes and throttle position, and they were fine to leave them in economy 100% of the time. I`m assuming snow mode is much the same. What are your thoughts??? BTW I have a KXR 2WD.
  11. Hi guys This week I picked up my 2WD KX-R 5 seater, 2008 model, Merlot Red, 29000kms for $33,990. It drives like new and I am very impressed with it`s performance and quality. Extremely happy with my purchase....btw I`m in Sydney. Cheers
  12. Welcome to the club. What accessories did you get? Thank you The only thing I have so far is a brand new tow bar on it. This week, I intend on getting floor mats, and then eventually a nudge bar and side steps....there are a few good ppl on ebay who sell these things 3 times cheaper than the dealers so I may get them there. Oh and they also sell roof rails, so that`s another thing I`d like.
  13. Well I picked up my kluger today. I asked the salesman about the inserts, and he told me that all his other Klugers had none either, so I stood my ground and told him that I`ve seen them elsewhere, so he happily just took some inserts from a brand new Kluger......I`m happy now :)
  14. Shreks Donkey

    Cup Holders

    Hi Guys New member here. I am buying an 08 model kx-r Kluger hopefully this week and I have 1 quick question. The car I`m looking at buying does not have the cupholder insert that I`ve seen on kx-s klugers and Aurions. The cupholder that I am referring to is the one that you pop open a hatch and in the centre there looks like there should be a lift out insert that adjusts to the size of your all Klugers have these??? I asked my salesman and he told me his other klugers do not have these, but I checked at another dealership, and although I have not found another kx-r, the kx-s klugers seem to have one. I`m tempted to stand my ground and demand one before I drive the car away. But I wanted to be armed with the information first. Thanks in advance for your replies, and I look forward to contributing more in the future on this excellent looking forum, Neil