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  1. Late comment, but yes, the FTO guy was an idiot, but his fail was funny 1. Failed to do straight line burnout 2. Instead of spinning wheels, he was burning clutch most of the time 3. He doesn't know how to replace and/or tension his drive belts 4. homo
  2. Just read through this thread. Awesome car ! How different is the 20v from the 16v ?
  3. Hey man, good to see another 20v going into another aussie rolla ! :) Umm, I didn't do the wiring on my car (gave it to someone else to wire it up), so i'm not sure, sorry man. My A/C is in there, but i just need piping to go OVER the extractors, and to the A/C compressor, as my current 4A-FE ones foul on the extractors. I may just get piping fabbed up, or I may have to switch over to 4A-GE 16V A/C lines (if they line up). Actually on that topic, if i may ask, is your car an AE92 ? If you're using the 20v A/C, do your standard A/C lines line up to the compressor ? Actually, over on the T
  4. Here's a happy snap of my 20v swapped AE92 CSi LTD Hatch :)
  5. Had a go at polishing the dish of the OGs. Not the best as i was doing it by hand, but definitely an improvement from before. Didn't take any before pics, but it has a slightly more mirror-like finish than at first. Pictures:
  6. Spotted RO-11-ER On City West Link Rd entering Victoria Rd at around 11:30pm - 12:00am earlier.
  7. Which is why my suggestion to a new thread for each EOMM would be better (organisation skills level 85) But each to their own I suppose X2 I agree, a new thread per each EOMM would be alot easier to understand.
  8. Okay, yes this is very confusing. First, you said that it was the normal time/normal meet, and now it's a brunch meet ? If something's going to change, it would be helpful if the new time and new location was more specific. If it's left to the last minute, I'm sure a few people on the list will have to drop out as they'll be busy during new time.
  9. Damn, that list grew pretty quick in the past two posts :o Repost list with correct spelling of my username: 1. M.C 2. Juvenile 3. Clifton 4. VF-X [Dpending on when] 5. WS Echo (Saturday nights are good for me) 6. OHY34H 7. Ronnyboy (Maybe) 8. Brendan (Most likely) 9. ZR6XY 10. RO11ER 11. offzide93 12. synthetic05 13. cruzer 14. Seby123 15. riversandlakes (maybe)
  10. Little and only update in the past few months (besides oil changes): Rear camber bolts. Installed and dialled in some neg. camber. Will get it properly aligned later.
  11. Lmao, exactly what I thought. I saw the list but i'm going to be expecting 10 - 15 cars. Would be great if all 20+ could make it though !
  12. Thanks man :) Umm, I think it was all completed over a period of about 3 months but it was mainly on and off work. I had to wait till my TAFE holidays to finish most of it. Haha thanks, but most of it was my older bro who has experience with this. I was just learning as I go :)
  13. Specs: Performance: - 4A-GE Silvertop 20V S2 - TOM'S Carbon Fibre plenum with TOM'S trumpets - Rebuilt with full gasket kit - New piston rings - TRD 0.8mm Headgasket - All bottom end bearings replaced with King items including thrustwashers - Full rebuilt and serviced head - C56 gearbox - APEX'i Power Intake Panel Filter - 2.25" Catback Exhaust - 20mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar - SX Front Strut Bar Interior: - AE101 Levin steering wheel - nothing else worth noting Exterior: - PB standard colour - Optional Electric Sunroof - Colour code grille, side mirrors and windscreen wipers - SX spoiler mo

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