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  1. Ta, last time I checked first page it still had the train station as the wet weather location :P
  2. Sorry to sound stupid, but I've never been to a hoppys meet before and I'm not sure which one it is. Whats the address? And yes, I shall be making an appearance tonight :)
  3. I'm going to use the 4AGE ECU until I can afford something else.
  4. Hey guys, As per description. Im looking for a 4AGE 20v head and a 4AGE ECU. Planning on doing a 7AGE build :) THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  5. Spotted Daryl on Granard Road at about 2 yesterday afternoon. Gave you a wave but you just drove straight past :(
  6. Spotted STYLISH on Macgregor st at the garden city park and ride at 6:45 last night.
  7. I was going to say loop. Weather seems to be cleaning and radar shows nothing else. Ill definately be there in that case
  8. Yea same here. I've been checking the members rides thread every few days since the last update just looking for this thread to update!!! C'mon man! What's the go?
  9. I'm out sorry. No fuel money + drinking heavily tonight
  10. Add me to the QLD list please!!! I'm so excited for this. Hope the new car will make the trip!
  11. Spotted Kev leaving chermside around 3. Beasty little hillclimb!
  12. Can you please put me down as a maybe. Branno will be making a re-appearance in the new year, probably with a different car.
  13. Spotted stew parked on mt.gravatt/capalaba road.