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  1. is toyota the only place you can get the rear skirt from? my friend has a sportivo and wants the rear skirt, her panel beater called toyota and they told him they dont sell them? they probably didn't want to risk return issues. thanks guys.
  2. SYD | SAT NIGHT | NATIO travelling down a beautiful road with some mates .. this beautiful silver car zooms past.. fog lights.. front lip.. mag wheels.. red badge 'sportivo' ... i almost cried.. memories.. then appears a commodore and it hits me.. last saturday of the month.. about 5 more corollas scream past.. awh, miss u guys <3
  3. iniff

    bye guys..

    yeah.. i wondered if anyone would remember that.. i didn't lose control then i jsut went wide.. and you're right it's my fault more then the cars but i was pushing a car that wasnt built for it.
  4. iniff

    bye guys..

    yeah mate, i could've used those swaybars that night :P Thanks guys. i might make an appearance at meets... just waiting to get a new car now.
  5. iniff

    bye guys..

    yeah worse.. steering arm snapped, cv joint was farked, airbags mean new dash and steering wheel and windscreen. the panel came in and hit the abs so thats probably stuffed too... it all adds up. makes me believe what ive heard about the old camry's.. apparently you can buy all the parts to build one yourself... for over $200,000 haha, noway. it was on finance so the loan company pretty much forces me to get it written off. the stereo was aftermarket and i already sold the mp3 deck when i took it out ages ago.. all i have left is 1 sportivo badge and a fog light that fell off.. the skirt on that side seems to have dissapeared too.. damaged so i dunno why anyone would steal it. but it dissapeared between the towie and the insurance holding yard.
  6. iniff

    bye guys..

    neg driving. which they were going to give me either way. but if i said i was doing the limit they'd know i was lying. at least by saying the truth they trust what im saying and dont have to ask too many questions. last thing you need is to be interogated after a near death experience...
  7. iniff

    bye guys..

    i was alone, my friend got there to pick me up before the cops.. cops didnt say anything. i admitted speeding a bit and they seemed happy with my honesty. not drilling or lectures or anything. they just filled out the report and i got the fine. They were really nice about it. a clio sport came flying past when we were there tho and they just shook their heads.. :/
  8. iniff

    bye guys..

    i have no interest in any toyotas at the moment.. nothing handles well enough for me without mods.. although i think a drive of a new levin with EBD and BA would be interesting to see how different it drives.
  9. iniff

    bye guys..

    23k of damage.. its worse then it looks.. insurance is handling it all but i wont be getting another stivo.. probably not even a toyota
  10. iniff

    bye guys..

    if you know the OP well enough, its that one corner coming south that is so much sharper then all the others... total understeer across three lanes into a stone wall..
  11. iniff

    bye guys..

    if anyone noticed I dissapeared for a while.... I just wanted to say to you guys, slow down and be careful.. ..cos i know what happens when you don't I wont be getting another rolla, and its unlikely i will get a toyota. bye guys... it was fun.
  12. sometimes you can get away with it. ive heard of being getting altezza tail lights after smashes because they're cheaper. depends on the insurance company. alot of the time they will accept it as long as you pay the difference if its higher. just ask them.
  13. thats easy but WHAT ABOUT THE GARAGE They should have URL support in the garage
  14. So its a reflective version of grey... does that make it a colour or a characteristic?