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  1. Your local Toyota should have these bulbs. if not, they can order them if for you. I would recommend changing all 5 of the bulbs. That way the lighting brightness of all bulbs on the trim will be the same.
  2. In some Toyota cars, I've seen the handbrake warning light come on when the brake fluid is low.
  3. From memory, (this is for the two button Genuine remote) you need to put the key in the ignition and turn it from "OFF" to "ON" 3 times finishing it at "ON". If successful, the word "PROG" should come up on the clock and you should be able to program the remote by clicking on the buttons on the remote. Once done, you can remove the key. This function erases existing remote settings so before you remove the key you will need to press the buttons on the existing remote to program it.
  4. I purchased an additional Central locking remote for a ZZE122R Corolla (Approx 2003-2007) and thought id paste the programming instructions here just in case anyone needs it. This Instruction is for the One Button Genuine Toyota Remote. Step 1 - Open Drivers side door (all other doors need to be closed) Step 2- On the existing remote, press the "Lock/Unlock" button twice. Step 3 - Insert the key in the ignition Step 4- Turn the key from "OFF" to "ON" 20 times Finishing it at "OFF", the Hazard lights should flash 20 times if successful i - The key needs to be turned
  5. If you can drop the back seats down and get to the boot, you may be able to push the locking mechanism with a screw driver to open the boot.
  6. The OEM Tyres Dunlop SP300E are pretty good. I got a lot of Km's out of it when I had the original wheels on.. I also had Bridgestone Turanza 592 which was just as good... When I had these tyres they were both made in Australia. Not sure if there is much drive difference now as they are both made elsewhere
  7. 15,000 km/9 Months it is... As a guideline, here are the approximate service costs (prices from Feb 2011) Description Time Cost Range $ (Inc. GST) 1,000 km Vehicle Inspection Approx 1 hour Service $0.00 - $0.00* 15,000km/9Mth Serv Approx 2 hours service $191.00 - $272.00* 30,000km/18Mth Serv Approx 2 hours Service $276.00 - $377.00* 45,000km/27Mth Serv Approx 2 hour Service $221.00 - $303.00* 60,000km/36Mth Serv Approx 2 hours Service $276.00 - $377.00* 75,000km/45Mth Serv Approx 2 hour Service $224.00 - $314.00* 90,000km/54Mth Serv Approx 3 hour Service $411.00 - $528.00*
  8. Its looks good.... perfect fit.......
  9. I've got Vortex 17 inch wheels on mine and they are quite good.... if you are keen on the vortex wheels, keep a lookout on e-bay as some dealers may post some up to get rid of old stock...
  10. Has anyone tried or have feedback on the Permagard Paint protection that Car Dealers are upselling to new car owners for approx. $1500 - $1700 (Interior and exterior detailing) They were saying its the same Paint protection used on Qantas and other airlines.
  11. You only need a screw driver to remove the door Instructions on door removal is located on This thread which may be useful
  12. It is unfortunate that you're having Alternator problems. It may be worth while checking out some car wreckers as you could get an Alternator for a fraction of the price.

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