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  1. Cheers Crbn! Thanks, The blue is getting powder coated shortly as Intake piping being redesigned.
  2. Finally some good Quality photos, Sorry for spamming constantly
  3. Final pieces coming together, catch can fab work done and lines being finished tomorrow. will post better quality photos tomorrow hopefully
  4. Sold, I will be in brisbane on 14-2-14 with trailer if possible to pick up then,
  5. Thanks Mike, Yeah i fell in love with the Aero kit and spoiler, Its just on first impressions and some angles the spoiler is a little too much so once the turbo and brake work is finished i will buy either Carbon boot or new / wrecked boot and wrap or paint black What colour Did you order?
  6. Friday Update: Turbo and intercooer at mounted and intercooler mount is being fabricated tonight
  7. Thanks Defyant, I cant wait for it to be finished, I have an engineer Locally who will possibly approve it, but will have to switch my pod to K&N Apollo to help reduce attention Here is a quick clip of what it will be like on take off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2CrKo-jVHo&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  8. Hey Everyone Just updated the first page Here are a few quick snaps
  9. Yeah i know, The setup was a Sydney owners old setup The setup is planned to put out 250Kw at the wheels
  10. Sneak peak everyone! Work started rolling out last night, the vehicle is having custom crash bar made up to fit the intercooler, mounting for Oil cooler and Catch can is being fabricated. Just waiting on 1 oil feed line and braided lines for catch can. Final parts coming shortly will be Map sensor, Boost gauge and holder and Wastegate spring Vehicle will be running 12PSI and running e85 Tune date is 30-01-14 so will keep update everyone when finished
  11. Hey Everyone, sneak peak to what January has in-store, Plan is 250KW's at the wheels ;)
  12. Hey mate hope the car is going well, Just read your updated ride and i can confirm the noise you are hearing is the alternator.. It is the 'one-way clutch' inside the alternator causing the issue.. If you remove the belt and move pulley back and forth quickly you will be able to feel it. I have had to replace at least three 2GR alternators for this fault.. Sadly the pricetag on another alternator and work required to replace hurts the pocket.

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