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  1. Cheers dude ... with the suspension setup sorted i'll be moving onto finding a 20V for it next i reckon ... if anyone see's anything worthy of my wallet let me know...
  2. Cheers lads , yeah im preety stoked with her now ... Bway and I put some OEM Ozito springs up front to reduce the stiffness factory and also cut the rear stops cause she was lving on them and i was bouncing outta control! Car rides alot nicer now and the suspension is actually doing what it was meant to to so it's really good for day in day out driving. That was the Wagon Dave yeah it was on it's belly when we found it ... was rough as guts in some spots but the door cards were one of the best bits on the whole car! I know a bloke who wrecks SX Corollas over my way like they are going out of fashion .... if you want anything ill give you his details and we could go over together or something as he has so many bits it's frightening! Moar Soon including cambers
  3. Hey Jed was awesome to meet you to mate , very keen to see your projects! Guys ive been ultra ultra busy with this car lately and im sure the pictures will show. Basically i came across a green jap spec AE95 at the wreckers with full electric windows , after a few moment pondering i decided based on the trims being in ultra good condition i would convert it into my car. So i removed everything i needed , the entire power window harness , regulators with electric motors , grommets and door wiring and door cars , control switch boxes etc etc. I immediately noticed on my wagon that unlike the donor car from the wreckers i had no holes in the body for the harness to run through to the doors , so off they came and i drilled the large holes required to run it all through and make it factory standard. Once this was done i contacted JP and he was kind enough to not only send my a Genuine Toyota Wiring Manual to suit my wagon but also coach me through where and what needed to be done for the whole thing to function. I can happily say that the car now has everything installed and working as it should. Apart from that ive also fitted SX corolla Power mirrors ( wiring was already there waiting for me just had to repin the controller plug ) , SX Corolla front Strut Brace - very easy just had to drill two holes in the firewall to mount it up. Also am now running a Corolla SX Dash Cluster and have relocated the stereo which makes a massive difference. To get the SX Cluster to work it requires a complete repin and extension of some of the wires to reach over the the original position where the stereo was mounted. All in all this has made the car an absolute joy to daily drive and im currently fitting up cruise control just to make those highway runs a little easier on the foot! Motors still running beautifully and the oil is still gold after 4k which is very impressive. Pictures:
  4. top quality day dudes... sooooo many awesome Toyotas!! and the weather held up nicley!
  5. Hey mate i noticed one lurking on gumtree some time ago , otherwise Toymods car club forum is a good spot to look and also just keep checking gumtree , ebay etc , i do know of a whole car sitting up in a paddock near my mums place that has one, next time im there i'll give the bloke a hoy and see what he is after for it. Mick
  6. Head units good mate ... if only it was black !!
  7. So i was at Autobarns yesterday and scored remote central locking for $50 and then i jokingly said i dont suppose you sell a single din unit with cupholders.. and yep they did ... talk about over accessorizing!!
  8. Cheers dude .... this girl ive been seeing got me hooked on it like i was when i was a grasshopper.. can't wait till the next time she gets in the wagon and ohh hello there is a little tray here .. and ohh look knock yourself out on the Hubba Bubba sweetheart hahaha
  9. Also , thanks to dyslexik for the sportivo floor mats! fit real nice mate cheers again!
  10. Cheers lads , will show you whats in it shortly!
  11. Update: Painted the inners on the headlights black to make the car a little angrier.. definitely succeeded ... she looks quite mean now. Also massive thanks to Hiro for the awesome AE101 JDM underseat tray that went straight in on my passenger seat after a date with the drill! Looks great and it's hella handy for storing ,,,, well .. you'll see!! I also got given this Tacho from my housemate and on the basis that it was free fitted it up.. not a fan of gauges in cars at all but i have never owned a car without a Tacho.. so it's in and unfortunatly changes colours ... watch out ladies! your all going to froth at the gash when you witness the fitness of the mighty rainbow Tachohhhh! Photatoes:

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