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  1. Yeh they are the small smd LEDs. I need to change around 30 LEDs. I asked a local electrical repairer and he quoted $100 to change it!
  2. So I've opened it up and had a look; bought the LEDs but don't think I have the skills to successfully change over the LED lights. Does anyone know of someone who can/ have experience and are located in sydney?
  3. I found a site where someone replaces their stock head unit lights in a yaris which is helpful;
  4. Hi Steve, I want to open my head unit which is the same model as yours and change the button light luminations from orange to green to suit my corolla sportivo centre console. Do you have any advice or if it is actually possible? or what type of LEDs it takes? thanks
  5. The lights are orange so alot of people will want the unit especially people with new corollas and rav4s. I'll do a straight swap and you can sell it on ebay and make more profit?
  6. Hi does anyone know how to change the button lights of a stock toyota head unit (2010 toyota's audio display unit)? What sort of LED lights do I have to get and from where? any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi I bought a brand new toyota audio display system but i think the button light luminations are orange, it's from a 2010 toyota rav4 so it has the black facia. Just wondering if anyone has the green button light lumination unit and wants to swap units in sydney? Cheers.
  8. Hi would anyone know how to change the button light colours to green in the new 2010 toyota audio display systems? i bought a cheap unit but i think the button lights are orange. I don't know which led lights to get or from where. I'm thinking it would be a simple soldering job just removing the previous colour ones and change them to the green lumination lights to suit my centre console in the sportivo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Or would anyone want to swap for the green light unit in sydney?
  9. I'm not too sure what seems to be the problem as that model is compatible with the steering wheel controls. I would first make sure they put it in the controls in the right socket and if that's right then probably even ask ryda as they sell that model and can probably help you further or take it back to the dealer if you can't fix it. Just wondering if your employer still has the stock head unit and if it would be for sale if it is the one that has a small screen in the middle?
  10. Thanks but I'm looking for the model with with digital screen for reverse camera and bluetooth.
  11. Hi anyone selling a 2010 toyota audio display system with the black facia and green lights? either from a hilux/ kluger/ rav 4?