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  1. cant wait for when you start going through 1million sets of wheels :D
  2. Spotted white facelift sportivo on Parra Rd plates were trolla, looked good!
  3. Its been a while, not much has happened haha. Front lip! Doing some shopping at bunnings JDM Tail lights!
  4. What happened to the Viennas?!
  5. Nice video! What size are the advans on the black Corolla? I didnt see any 2zz when I was in HK in February, only a Honda club flying down Nathan Rd early in the morning haha.
  6. Did you adjust the rear camber?
  7. Thought it was one size fits all? Depends what intake you got on your car atm, anything aftermarket that already runs a pod filter should fit a 3a pod.
  8. 3a racing :), should be around $40 from ebay. But with pods, the difference you feel will be minimal at best. If its still in decent shape just keep using it IMO
  9. Performance Exhaust at Northmead, really quality work and nice guys there :)
  10. these are stock taillights bro. i did debadge it but looked too naked Stock as in not tinted. Break up the black abit
  11. Stock tail lights and debadged except for toyota badges would set it off
  12. Get a rear sway bar before a front strut brace, you can really notice the difference when you go through a corner.