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  1. I have for sale a towbar with 50mm ball to suit ZRE Corolla yr 05/07 - 09/12. Pickup from 4110 Heathwood QLD Price is $200
  2. Hi All I have decided to my Aurion, Its currently on Car Sales you can search by entering 108-TSX 2008 white Toyota Aurion sportivo SX6, Immaculate condition has Pedders sports rider springs with 18" wheels with 2 brand new tyres fitted. Major service done at 102 000km air con was just regased at same time so nice and cool. Reverse camera fitted which is connected to a 6 stacker CD unit with bluetooth and Ipod control. Aftermarket alarm fitted, darkest legal tint. K&N Typoon intake also installed. Comes with factory air box and radio included. It has 5 months rego left AUG 2014. Price is SOLD
  3. Do you need the drivers front, as in is that the master one?
  4. Do you know the part numbers at all, I have just brought a 2014 workmate and would like to get central locking. Cheers
  5. You need to get the harness on right that is the 1 the steering wheel control wires are in.
  6. Did it fix the pull left issue using the offset kit?
  7. Thats my mrs car, you werent the guy at west end last Friday night by any chance?
  8. I have an optima yellow top in my Aurion which is 3yrs and still going strong. Super charge gold are also good.
  9. Mate I can't recommend those headlights more. Just put my angel eye/ drl headlights from Mars in on the weekend and I live them. Matched them with some 6000k hids and they are fantastic. Pricy but imo worth it. Got a photo of them installed? Also anyone with a white sportivo got the mars tail lights installed?
  10. Ive Been to see Paul at Bodykits Kingdom he is really helpful guy even when I wasnt able to make it one day he offered to drop it by my house for me that afternoon. Definatly be going back again.
  11. I'm running DLS Gothia components in front RRP is $1049, running off a ARC audio KS300.2 RRP is $629. I havnt done so yet but am planning to remove my rear speakers to allow more bass from sub to enter cabin.
  12. Ive mounted my front speaker amp under passenger seat. Amp is a ARC audio KS300.2 Got the crossovers and digital tv tuner mounted under drivers seat Then with the sub amp which is twice the size of 300.2 I plan to have that mounted similar to ChrisE2490's.
  13. 10" KAR series sub from arc audio.
  14. I would also be looking at the arc mini's get a 4ch bridge it for fronts then use a arc mini mono to power your sub. If your worried about room in boot from sub perhaps look at a fibreglassed box.
  15. AVN 827GA. It is very easy to use, from an installation point of view hooking up the steering wheel controls is a piece of cake just 2 wires no need for other module and to program. Im not 100% sure on the 827 but on the 726 which was previous avn model you could use the factory camera harness and solder on eclipse camera plug on. Also the nav software in avn is one of the best on market .
  16. With a 5Ch there is only going to be a limited small amount of power on that 5th channel which means you are only looking at a basic/entry level sub. Getting a 4ch you can bridge it to run 2ch which will give you more power for fronts and a dedicated mono for sub. :D What brands are you looking at buying and where are getting your gear from?
  17. Where are these Lukey mufflers in the for sale section??? :D
  18. Use plastidip no sanding required just wax n grease remover the hole grill and spray if you dont like it, it will peel off.
  19. I think they suit the sportivo better as it has the black lower section to match. I just snapped that in garage then, will get a front on shot tomorrow arvo. I brought mine locally in Brisbane but they are just imported from rs styling I think. I took to mine with the dremel cutting abit off and enlarging the screw holes so it sat perfectly. the give you the bare minium mesh required i actaully cut the cable ties and moved it across more to get a better fit but the guy I brought it off suggested to add a 2nd layer of mesh. Also they are only finished in an etch primer ready to paint black or white in your case Im still undecided but will most likely paint mine black.
  20. Nice RCA"s monster cables 400 series?
  21. Under passenger seat is best option, will just be a short straight run from battery.
  22. I'm another vote to stay away from aami, 2 reasons firstly my mrs car got reveresed into while she was at gold coast airport picking someone up inside, someone reversed into her car left a note saying im only writting this because people are looking at me (no details) a month later they ring and say was your vechile involved in accident the guy made a claim so they knew his details but for some reason would not pass them onto her for a claim and wanted her to pay excess. Secondly same car a lady failed to give way on round about wheel was damaged scratched and other damage but apprently it wasnt part of the accident. RACQ ive currently made a claim as some one reversed into my car at red rooster, dropped the car off at their assessment centre showed the guy all the damage, (i have a panel beating trade certificate so i know my ****) yep thats fine we'll do that pick my car up from repairer spoiler isnt painted, rear bar isnt painted and qaurter isnt painted call racq up get told to write a list with whats wrong take it back do that pick my car up today before work picked it up before work was in hurry to get work finally get home 10hrs later check car there is all yellow paint on my white boot lid start rubbing off follow this paint along boot lid to cracked tailight and the garnish is sitting out then i notice 3 screws that have been drilled behind my number plate to hold garnish down. So I'm awaiting phone call tomorrow morning to see what they are going to do about it.
  23. I removed the cigarette lighter and used a bit of plastic ti fill in the gap and put a switch in so I could disable the remote start function if car is off getting serviced or something.