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  1. Hi looking for bride seat rails for zze. if available, please PM me. Preferably Sydney. Thanks Victor
  2. Hey mate, just wondering where u got your hanging domo-kun thing?
  3. do you have a REAR STRUT BAR for sale? If so how much? i will try get more pic soon and under panel u can go here http://www.c-one.co.jp/C-ONEPARTS/under_panel.html yea it cone u can see in my pic that gold part and will upload more pic soon yea i take off my per facelift corolla it all custome LED i will upload more pic soon sorry it in black
  4. hi, anyone willing to part with their rear strut from their zze? please pm me. thanks, Vic
  5. im keen. but will see if im available closer to the day.
  6. Hey guys, i recently bought a CF bonnet off another forum member but i really want to a rear sway now. anyone willing to do a swap? the CF bonnet has one small crack, not very noticeable, otherwise the bonnet is perfect. PM me if interested.
  7. does anyone want to sell their whiteline rear sway bar?
  8. Hi, Looking for a rear sway and rear strut to suit zze123 2003 model. pm me if you got one for sale. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased a TRD CAI, but realised quickly its quite hard for an inexperienced DIY person. is there anyone willling to help a fellow sydney sider to install a TRD cai on a corolla sportivo (pre face lift). I will buy you lunch, beer or whatever. Please pm me. Thanks in advance Izzy.
  10. Also sorry to hijack this thread. Does anyone know a cheap place to get my clutch replaced for my sportivo? im looking at excedy heavy duty. any ballpark figures for those that have got it done? parts + install? Thanks
  11. these are awesome. where to buy? but may been seen as type R wannabes.
  12. Hi all, anyone willing to part with their TRD front strut? Please pm me Thanks.