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  1. Thank you for your concern but No actually I have just returned from 6 months OS. Will be home for a while, hopefully long enough to sell the Corolla. Car is still for sale yes!! Such a bargain, I thought it would sell much faster. $500 cash buyers finder if you get me a buyer! wow that was posted 6 months ago... i hope NOT selling the car is not preventing you from going overseas :P
  2. Car is still for sale yes!! Such a bargain, I thought it would sell much faster. $500 cash buyers finder if you get me a buyer!
  3. Hey As the title says i have a set of Rays Engineering G-Games 77m (Gunmetal) 17x7 which i want to swap for a set of sportivo (or stock corolla rims) + $600 I am leaving for overseas next thursday so this is a one week bargain! contact me on 0401754621. I am located in Brisbane http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/6072/n5166391549938732428.jpg http://www.nengun.com/rays-engineering/g-games-77m cheers harry
  4. Price dropped again! I am moving overseas for a bit in June, that is the only reason for my sale...contact me for any more details!
  5. $500 spotter reward....find me a buyer!
  6. cheers guys. No parting out at this stage. The inside is all pretty stock for an 05 Levin. come on throw me an offer!
  7. I am currently in the process of parting out my car and i have a TRD supercharger currently installed. Once i find out the final costs involved of taking my car back to stock i can give you a quote on everything you would need to put the TRD charger on your car. Send me a pm if you are interested and we can go from there. cheers.
  8. yeh i would trade for sportivo rims for sure. just have to figure out the price difference and all that
  9. I am after a set of stock corolla 15" rims. I am located in Brisbane Cheers Harry
  10. very nice, great looking car
  11. who gives a F*** if someone admits to seeing a mate or even speeding himself! Jack **** the cops can do about it now. I hate nothing more then when people get up on there high horse and give it to people who say they speed. This is a performance forum after all. Yes this guy may have contradicted himself a couple of times...but he did not deserve this massive flaming. Yesterday i got up to speeds of 300 in a 100 zone...prove it!!!
  12. just thought i would chuck one in http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/cheun.../IMG_0253-1.jpg