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  1. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is still being developed, the biggest challenge is actually getting the Hydrogen Tank in a size that works in a car yet can still keep the temp of the hydrogen at the -260 something degrees it needs to be maintained at. BMW is leading the way in developing this, They've had 7 series models running on the stuff for years because it was the only model big enough to accomodate the jumbo tank required, but just months ago they had a breakthrough in developing more compact tanks that still have the necessary insulation to keep the hydrogen at the right temp. Problem is though, there is no infrastructure in place to refill hydrogen cars yet.
  2. My sister was warned once when she had her 100 series landcruiser, but on that car, they are rather high up on the bumper, but still wouldn't dazzle anyone
  3. Nope always drive with them on, every car that has them fitted in Melbourne does!
  4. Odd for a Tyrepower outlet to have bad service, I've used their notthing hill workshop and a friend has used their Know outlet and we've both had good things to say about them. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, so do you have the caps yet?
  5. CAP

    Grey imports

    Really? Is there any reason for this?
  6. I've tried the Castrol Syntrax before, doesn't seem suited to cold weather, in fact it feels shiete when cold, only seems to work well when hot IMO
  7. CAP

    Thread Removed.

    I wonder if having that battery pack in the bum helps improve the Camry's cornering balance? Good News for Australia. Hyundai will shortly bring in a Hybrid LPG Elantra, Holden may possibly introduce a diesel or hybrid or both Commodore. I think Toyota's move should kick start much more green motoring development in Australia.
  8. CAP


    Apparently though the section the contractors have referred to as "The Drag Strip" which is some 4 km's of dead straight road somewhere between Dandenong and Frankston, and of most concern to Police due to the obvious does not actually have any camera's. Goes to say alot about Camera's and road safety... Edit: Also, don't try to spot all the camera's. I've been informed that most have been neatly disguised into the structures in which they're placed such as the retaining walls and bridges.
  9. Cool, let us know how you go, but just go to the audition with an open mind regarding how these shows work. Most times they will let people through the first auditions because of the enternainment value for the show rather than the persons actual talent or potential (And looks).
  10. CAP

    my plates

    suckadik did u not read the bit where it said "away with haters" fk u cant read now too ? If you lay meat in front of a cat, the cat will eat it. I should point out that my comment was also 'general' in its nature, and not aimed at anyone in particular. Leopards never change their spots... err, not aimed at anyone in particular ? dude did u even read what u posted LOL i think that was so direct, it couldnt get any more direct than that NOOB The (ban) stick is waiting.... By the way mrs.sportivo, please change that sig of yours....
  11. CAP

    my plates

    Ok, Nelson & Mrs Sportivo, Chill. PLAY NICE. lets not make it personal, yeah? Otherwise I have a big stick and I'm more than happy to use it. On the subject of personal plates, anything like FA99ET is likely to result in your car being keyed or worse. It may be funny to you, but others may take offense and then take action based on their anger.
  12. This is the funniest thing I've read in quite some time :D