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  1. Very damn f-ing nice IS 350! If I were to nickpick is probably the headlights, the rear looks excellent!
  2. It's not a completely different colour, the new dash is like 1/4 a shade lighter than the old dash in fact just put some dash spray and it look like the rest of the trims. I seriously did not notice it after 2 - 3 days. Try and give Southside a call and see what their quote is like, hopefully it's cheaper than what you got. Otherwise you might just have to be good with the tools and order the part yourself and work on it.
  3. They are brand new, it has that nasty plastic smell when I got the car back.
  4. Laurie do you have FB? There is a FB from memory called 'sticky dashboard' or something close to it, Toyota aren't the only ones with issues, I recalled Mazda and Honda too was on the hook for free replacements. I also recalled it's about $1,000 out of pocket if you missed the 10 year cut off. Assuming you are in SEQ I got mine done with Southside Toyota.
  5. Yes my wife made me fit the front and back and I was pretty disappointed because it's not integrated to anything and the beeps are annoyingly loud and cruel.
  6. Cut off is indeed 10 years from the date of manufacturing. My experience was painless, call any dealers and provide them the details of the Aurion and they book it in for inspection then arrange a date for the dash replacement. If you miss the cut off they will charge you about $1k for the trouble. My Aurion was also purchased interstate from Sydney where it spend it's next 10 years in Brisbane and had no issues with the 'silent recall'.
  7. I had the 1.5L Hatch 2005 manual and my worst consumption was about 7L+/100km during peak summer with aircon's on full. But much depends on the sort of traffic you are driving, expect more if you are on Sydney roads and less if you live elsewhere or away from CBD.
  8. Well was looking at that plus the LED foglight kit on eBay, are the foglights COB ie same as those that advertised as 30W COBs where you can see the yellow circuit board in the fog light housing?
  9. Haha that crack me up! The Aurion is a great car! It's still my wife's daily and DJKOR ZR6's donor springs lives on in my Aurion though over the years we had to take it back to the dealer such as; Dashboard replacement as long your car is less than a decade old Gear box solenoid forced the car into limp mode Recall on the sticky power window Intermediate steering shaft replacement And that was it. Though I think it's time for the CV boot to be replace too at 170k km but but the engine still sings like it was just off the production line.
  10. Don't go wider, I did and it felt like a snail off the lights. Though one of the biggest benefit for me was the wider tyres plants itself very securely when turning corners compared to the stock width. Fuel consumption wise well it's a wider tyre so it naturally goes up further. I've done Toyo Teo Plus, supremely quiet and now ridding on Pirelli Verde All Season who are just as good with the exception of 'less' racing trend pattern compared to the Teo Plus.
  11. Very surprised you can't get 400km out of it. Fuel consumption is about right on the money similar to mine if yours is also the AWD model, thing with this engine bring rev happy but lacks torque on pure highway speed I always get below 10L/100km (based on the onboard readings) but I have good tyres and pumped it to 40 psi. I've also drove my Kluger in various terrain too including bogging it after snow melt!!!
  12. I don't think this is an 'issue', my old man's Estima also max out at about 100kph on the cruise control. It might be just what they cater to the domestic market back in the days, the only way around it is to maybe tap into the ECU.
  13. Pretty rare to see a 4x4 Estima, by the way do you have a front left and right door lights? The 2004 Estima 2WD my old man picked up only have the red reflectors but no door lights.
  14. But that FZJ105R production ran from 97/98 - 2007, I say there is a good chance it will work. :)
  15. Happens to my MP3 CDs, I just replace them. I'm itching to replace the HU but cant help to think I want to replace my Aurion as well lol.