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  1. Aurion sold today , sat 27th aug.. going to a new home in melbourne. now to find a hilux
  2. geez stan , no-one answered for 7 months ????. you probably have already been to the dealer by now, but the was an ecu reflash for some early 200series autos to change into 6th gear earlier. i thought it was a production change in 2009 - dealer can check currenat cal id in the auto ecu and see if it can be updated.
  3. stick with 10w30 mate. the old rattler gen 3 5.7ltr v8s needed something heavier to stop it burnin it all up between changes. no reason why you cant just get a good quality 10w30 and change it more often , cheap insurance . i do my aurion every 7500klms and 5000 on the mrs sp25 mazda 3 (with toyota 10w30 mind you)
  4. for the 2010 i would say no issues. the earlier sunroofs in camry and aurion did have a few leaks. There are 4 drain tubes at each corner and they were just pushed on the the frame to drain away water. these over time and a hot summer worked loose and fell off lying on the inside of the roof lining. the warranty repair was 4 clamps and drop the roof lining to fit them properly. i had even seen a few super glued on. with the sat nav unfortunately there is no cheap option for usb. there is a lexus kit for the rx400 that may fit up but its over $500. There are a few toyota products in the US that plug into the rear of the unit and allow usb to work , but again they are more that $250 - the ipod connection via a 2.5mm audio jack has been done , some have had success - search that one. i will add that there is the need to add a resistor if memory serves me and that may be an issue for warranty on your sat nav unit. cheers Tim
  5. have you seen a dealer with any auto issues before ?. they might suggest an addition of an extra 200ml of oil - if thats no good there is an updated auto ecu (software) that helps alleviate cold operation flare between 2nd and 3rd at approx 40 - 50kph. in worse case scenarios if the vehicle is still under warranty the auto can be sent to one of the toyota dealer trans-repairers. either in melbourne or sydney. i have seen 2 in the last year- never get any info on what is repaired or replaced , just re-install and its different. (the repair in the US is a new auto ,ecu and oil--- is toyota aus reading this ???????)
  6. probably too late - but there was a customer service exercise on the console box where the internals that bolt to the rear lower braket are replaced. suspect cause was a chemical reaction between the steel and plastic and when the new one was installed there were sticky pads placed on the steel to insulate it from the new plastic. These repairs were done under warranty
  7. Hey mate ^ i was not offended , probably just dismayed. the amount of people who want to waste your time when your selling a car is unbelievable . Tyre kickers and lowballers. i would not be selling my car if it was not a necessity . i would be the first to admit that this aurion is 1 of only 2 vehicles i have owned that i can really say that i love . And i pamper my vehicles and motorcycles to other peoples disbelief. I see so many nice vehicles treated like crap and people just waste money and change vehicles like their underwear. and my vehicle sits there going begging for a few months without a serious buyer . i have even seen 6 aurions sold from the dealership where i work and half of them are not anywhere near as good as mine--- lol. my rant for the month.
  8. Just on a side note. i have seen a few air cond issues where the driver may dislodge the wire to the servo motor on the r/h side of the aircon box. As he or she puts the park brake on their shoe may snag the wire and in some cases the servo plastic housing may brake and require replacement. i have seen 3 of these issues and 2 were on one car (dept of defence aurion) 1 owner 73 drivers, lol if you lie on the drivers floor and look up toward the air cond box you can see 2 servo motors and wiring plugs, the lower one is the most common one. this would stop the heater box from moving so it depends on where it last got stuck - whether it is hot and no cold or vice-versa. cheers Tim. p.s. the 2 servo motors come as 1 piece on the locating plate when ordering a replacement.. i may have a spare servo somewhere ????????
  9. Last throw of the dice. had 2 potential sales and both pulled out at the 11th hour.. one went and test drove a new one and was heading across the state to buy mine, then bought a new one ....bugger willing to let it go for $25500 and i will supply a 2 year TOYOTA EXTRA CARE warranty with the sale . warranty for 2 years up to 100000klms. thats a $1200 warranty
  10. if you get a really loud rattle on cold start up and then even if the car sits for a couple of hours , i would suggest you leave the car over night at the dealers and get them to start it cold to hear the noise. i have seen 3 klugers and 2 aurions this year with this issue all repaired under warranty. Be mindfull as well - the repair is to replace the vvt-i control units and that requires removal of the engine so at a minimum 2 days off the road. the worse case vehicles are more noticeable by the tech/mech doing a service as the vvt-i units rattle like crazy on first start after an oil change..
  11. any v6 configuration of engine where the rear bank is hard to get to you will find that a platinum type plug is used for its longevity. i have seen a few cases where 1. question asked of a mechanic/ workshop. how much to do a timing belt (they quote labour and a belt) . if it was to be done properly the tensioners , idlers and seals ,water pump need to be inspected. expect a pair of cam seals and a crank seal would need replacing at 150 000klms too. i have had a family friend ring up and ask for a 4cyl camry belt replacement price and he was quoted worse case scenario. belt ,seals idler bearings etc. he went with the ole $300 mate job from joe blogs local garage. Guess what ? it was back with in 3 months , oil all over the new "dayco timing belt" and a waterpump bearing shot. so he got a bill for $950 then plus the $300 for the dodgy job. back on track .. as far as a clunk then needing platinum plugs , i say WTF
  12. i understand what ricky is saying. i have seen it on a couple of presaras . spark plugs are nearly due , injector clean may also help. on initial start (either first cold or after sitting for a couple of hours) the engine used to crank over maybe 2 or 3 revolutions the fire up , but now it is more like 7 to 10 revolutions to fire up... if im understanding correctly. i have seen an injector issue (dribbling injectors). replaced them and all good. maybe the dealer can check fuel pressure and see if it drops and doesnt hold. also see if the fuel trims are within spec.. but cheapest way to go would be to do an on car injector clean and maybe spark plug replacement.
  13. a late 2009 zr6 in white sold today at my work for $36000 .it had 29900klms on it.. makes mine a good buy for 10grand less , doesn't it ???
  14. just posting in this section for the sale of my aurion. some people may not look at the for sale section and this is where people look for model specific info , so here's the link cheers Tim