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  1. would this be relatively easy to bolt on to a 7afe????????????????
  2. I am looking at the sc14 as a bolt on option, as to weather or not i look at changing anything else i dont know yet. i dont know if i can be bothered to spend the money on the engine yet. its more a matter of time will tell, if i like how it feels with a blower on i might consider giving it a bit more work, but as it stands atm i just wanna see what it feels like in a mildy boosted environment i have considered getting the blown 1600, a mate did that to his 94 corolla, and it was pretty awesome. i might look at one once the 7A dies, but as ive already invested a number of hours into the engine in getting it back to life after its mild mistreatment i dont wanna just scrap it quite yet. just for future reference tho, where would a good place be to look for a 4AGZE????? and any ideas as to whats a reasonable price?
  3. Not silly at all really,it was a granny car that was used as a shopping trolley, now i have procured it i want something fun to play in that actually responds to my push on the pedal, not something that slops off the line:P. As ive just replaced the cooling system, as well as the head gasket on it i want to get a bit more oomph outta it, as i drive it a lot more, and a lot harder than its previous owner
  4. Hiya, i want to throw a supercharger in my car. pretty basic line of thought really. I would like ideas one what kind would be good for a day use car, that will give me enough oomph to go hooning around when i want. I DONT NOT WANT A DRAG CAR. i have a 98 corolla 1.8L, 45000 kms on the clock, a new water pump, radiator, hoses and head gasket, no thanks to a dodgy mechanic. Anyhow, who makes the blower, and will it do what i want? any other recommendations would also be appreciated. just remember i dont want a dragster, just a fun car that bites when asked to. Oh, the whine of the supercharger is very important, loud is good.
  5. that sounds like the same issue my partners car had. once you begin accelerating up to the 2500-3500 range it vibrates like crazy through the steering wheel, if you apply heavy acceleration it goes away a bit, and once you get to speeds in excess of 150kph it dies down. also there was a strong knocking sound when the car was doing a hard right hand turn. if your car is doing this kind of thing it will be the cv joints. i just replaced the ones in her car and the problems all gone, you can tighten them up, and mabye get another 20000kms out of them, but its better to get new ones for it now, before you vibrate something else off the car and cause more damage! the knocking sound mentioned before can be to the left or the right, depending on which joint is more worn.
  6. Hi. I am a new member, hence the reason for this post in this forum. I have a most annoying toyota corolla conquest, that is currently sitting at a mates place awaiting a head gasket replacement. I love my car like I love my computer, the faster the better, and the harder i can push it, and tune it up the better. It is currently stock, but i have some plans for it in the near future. Any further information can be disclosed upon request. Thanks