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  1. here u go mate, theres one on ebay,
  2. im still keen, sorry about the late reply. been busy at work
  3. 40 bucks for it? lol ill take it but where abouts u locateD?
  4. hahha yeah thats me! nice corolla Man one of your headlights were out lol Btw thanks, yeah yours look sweet too :) thanks mate! HID blub is gone, getting new bulbs soon hopefully.
  5. spotted LFT 247 on cumberland hwy!! around 3.30 while i heading to work!
  6. im interested in the rear lip :D just wondering what colour is it?.
  7. Funny you didnt spot about 10 other corollas behind him! hahaha dont get upset with me mate lol.. didnt really notice other corollas behind him. i just wanted to get home due to the BLOODY RAIN ><
  8. spotted GT-LOST on m5 last night. around 10.30-11 i think.. Looking good
  9. spotted LFT-OoF on hume high way around 5pm yesterday, at the intersection of woddville rd. nice n clean looking car
  10. hahahha what the ! i didnt ur carr or notice of it was there or not !!!!!!!! hahhaha, i was park near the exit.. but dont think u gonna notice it, cos i got stockies on it and i lost one of my side skit lol
  11. Spotted master coung at 7/10 right now lol Nice and clean!!
  12. lol was that the day i had bats ***** on my car ALL night and not have time to clean it before work ?? im not to sure mate. but all i know was, DAMN thats a clean n sxc sportivo haha jaw drop
  13. spotted L1F77N at merrylands carpark.!! damn ur sportivo looks sxc and CLEAN!