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  1. Hey mate my car is 2011 Aurion Touring (one of the last few 40 series before the 50 series came out) and it has 75k ODO. Has not let me down and never missed a beat. May I give you advice: go for the lower mileage ones rather than 200k or more mileage. You will never know if those has been looked after properly and has not been thrashed a lot. Learnt my lesson with 200k mileage 1991 ford falcon back in 1999! 100k mileage later it is gone for the mitsubishi magna with 30k (ex demo vehicle) mileage until its write off 10 years ago. My current black aurion is the one I have owned since brand new 0 kms. I am glad I got this instead of going for the 50 series ones (Aesthetics look being the reason why).
  2. Ah that is what I am looking for.. did you put it in yourself or did you have someone do it for you?
  3. I am in perth and I have seen your car around sometimes on Canning Hwy (on any given weekends) and sometimes on Freeway at night (be it north or south) I am pretty sure the street your photo is in somewhere either Stirling or Ascot/Redcliffe as both areas have the exact same footpath with white bollard leading to a park (with creek I think).
  4. Hmmm 19 inch rims with higher profile tyre better than 19 inch rims with lower profile tyre? My Touring rims are 17 inch stock rims and it does look puny now I think of it.. i recall someone used Kluger 19 inch rims onto their aurions with lower profile tyre?
  5. Hi all, APE Suspension got me down to $400 a pair which are KYB brand and $160 labor so I will go for it but they will do cost free inspection before going ahead with the work So I will book inspection with them this week on Friday Regards Dave
  6. Hi, I had my car serviced at Bridgestone tyres and service centre in South Perth last Friday and they told me my rear suspension was leaking but did not say which component were they referring to: struts or springs? I recall someone on here from W.A. like me had their rears done at one place cheaply under $1500? Pedders Suspension quoted me $1050 (Pedders Geniune Struts - $440 pair, Pedders Coil Springs Standard Height - $200 pair, installation to vehicle $264 and 4 wheel alignment <this was already done at service centre> $146 I am currently waiting to hear from APE Suspension and WA Suspension Regards Dave
  7. Mate yours is more cheaper than mine! I guess each states are different on their driveaway prices! For SX its 44 grand driveaway and SL $49 grand driveaway
  8. Man the prices for SX and SL is shocking for a V6 in W.A. What are your prices in other states for this? I think i will keep the Aurion until they bloody drop the price down a bit. If there is a Touring version (like mine) then I would be happy to replace my Aurion Touring for A Camry Touring but I dont think i will buy another Toyota car. The Aurion will be my last one and I will be sad at the sale or trade in.
  9. My 2011 Touring has matching 5th mags but i will upgrade mags and tyres next year going from 17 to 18 inches and putting the old ones in the shed or on mum's mazda 6 car (i will check stud pattern later).
  10. the main thing is you are ok and alive. A pity about the car as it looks nice in the pictures you have posted up. I hope you get your car back. I know what you are feeling as I have been held up many years ago with best mate but came away unscathed as they only stole alcohol from us by kids who were high on paint (could smell chemical fumes on their breath). The funny thing is: they only stole my best mate's alcohol and not mine. None of my mates realized what has happened until we all were walking back to our cars and noticed i had my stuff the whole time! Yes they had pocket knifes. Since then, i have learnt to be aware of my surroundings when walking in the dark.
  11. They were $29 each catridge. I did think about the slip ins (blade insert replacement) but their pricing is too close to the catridge pricing so i went for catridge for both sides. I can understand where you got confused I was paying $58 each!
  12. I replaced mine just 3 weeks ago. SCA brand and couldnt be happier. Had the original wipers since new and blades were getting worn out so hence the decision to replace it before the next set of winter next year. Bought a pair for $58 as it was father's day special saving me just $20. Triton brand were run out! Be sure to match the brand with the aurion's part number
  13. Direct link: the website you bought this from? EBAY or direct link to the specific ebay page?
  14. Thanks mate. Is your car a 2012 up model correct (based on the car in background)? And where do you get the harness for this and I have just noticed the there are different languages I mean under that car picture you got i am guessing arabic language and the controls are in all in english. And can you provide a direct link for all of us please? I am pretty sure the guys would appreciate it if there are options. Maybe there is an english version for all this? Cheers