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  1. Bathurst limited edition????
  2. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    Mate yours is more cheaper than mine! I guess each states are different on their driveaway prices! For SX its 44 grand driveaway and SL $49 grand driveaway
  3. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    Man the prices for SX and SL is shocking for a V6 in W.A. What are your prices in other states for this? I think i will keep the Aurion until they bloody drop the price down a bit. If there is a Touring version (like mine) then I would be happy to replace my Aurion Touring for A Camry Touring but I dont think i will buy another Toyota car. The Aurion will be my last one and I will be sad at the sale or trade in.
  4. Great car

    My 2011 Touring has matching 5th mags but i will upgrade mags and tyres next year going from 17 to 18 inches and putting the old ones in the shed or on mum's mazda 6 car (i will check stud pattern later).
  5. Stolen Aurion

    the main thing is you are ok and alive. A pity about the car as it looks nice in the pictures you have posted up. I hope you get your car back. I know what you are feeling as I have been held up many years ago with best mate but came away unscathed as they only stole alcohol from us by kids who were high on paint (could smell chemical fumes on their breath). The funny thing is: they only stole my best mate's alcohol and not mine. None of my mates realized what has happened until we all were walking back to our cars and noticed i had my stuff the whole time! Yes they had pocket knifes. Since then, i have learnt to be aware of my surroundings when walking in the dark.
  6. Replacing Aurion wipers

    They were $29 each catridge. I did think about the slip ins (blade insert replacement) but their pricing is too close to the catridge pricing so i went for catridge for both sides. I can understand where you got confused I was paying $58 each!
  7. Replacing Aurion wipers

    I replaced mine just 3 weeks ago. SCA brand and couldnt be happier. Had the original wipers since new and blades were getting worn out so hence the decision to replace it before the next set of winter next year. Bought a pair for $58 as it was father's day special saving me just $20. Triton brand were run out! Be sure to match the brand with the aurion's part number
  8. 12" Navigation screen for Toyota Aurion

    Direct link: the website you bought this from? EBAY or direct link to the specific ebay page?
  9. 12" Navigation screen for Toyota Aurion

    Thanks mate. Is your car a 2012 up model correct (based on the car in background)? And where do you get the harness for this and I have just noticed the there are different languages I mean under that car picture you got i am guessing arabic language and the controls are in all in english. And can you provide a direct link for all of us please? I am pretty sure the guys would appreciate it if there are options. Maybe there is an english version for all this? Cheers
  10. 12" Navigation screen for Toyota Aurion

    Just one question...where are the climate controls? A/C, demister for front and rear windows, temperature. I can say the thing is so big!
  11. 07 or 08 Aurion ZR6 ????

    Go for the gold. Less KMS and better looking IMO
  12. See attached. Thats discrimination right?
  13. My new 2011 Aurion Touring

    Should be simple plug and play. I can check the manual and get back to you tomorrow. sorry for delay as I haven't been using this site since 22nd December lol. I was checking the forum before I leave for home
  14. My new 2011 Aurion Touring

    You and me have the same black car except I bought mine in 2012 for 0 kms on clock. It's nearing 50,000 kms now Cheers Dave
  15. Toyota Aurion vs. Honda Accord V6

    I did test drive the V6 accord 6 years ago before I settled on Aurion cos of capped service price. Power wise... V6 Accord (the current one) is 206kw with 339Nm where Aurion (also current one) 200kw with 336Nm so not much difference in between them but Honda V6 does have the deactivation cyclinder for fuel economy reason when pressing cruise button where Aurion doesn't have that option. I haven't seen what fuel economy is like but I am happy with my Aurion when on a long drive as its best was 7.1 litres per 100km and city/urban I am impressed. Ride quality: yes Honda Accord V6 was smooth and so comfortable when I test drove it but Aurion is also the same but a tad more firmer than Honda's but still liveable with daily traffic. If you want something different then by the means go for Honda V6 but there are other V6's you haven't thought about but yes the reliability is a must. To give you content: read up on this one: (ain't a member but a valuable research tool)