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  1. TBH just get any full syn oil when on sale. The Aurion isn't going to notice a difference really as I have used Mobil1, Castrol Edge, Shell Ultra and Penrite HPR5 and they all perform similar. I've stuck with Penrite only because it comes in a 6L bottle which is very convenient when it comes to changing out the oil. http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Penrite-HPR-5-Engine-Oil-5W-40-6-Litre/518961
  2. I had 38psi front and 36psi back. The extra at the front to counter the engine weight.
  3. I'm talking about interior and ride quality. The 3.5L V6 is imo a better engine because of the power output and smoothness to it. Kia offers 7 years warranty, so far no problems after owning the cars for 6 months. Yes the Aurion is faster 0-100 but you have to ask yourself this question. How often do you redline it to the speed limit in real world driving? I owned an Aurion for 8 years and there isn't much power at low rpm so I had to rev it a bit. The Optima GT made city driving easier because of all the amount of torque available at low rpm because it's a turbo engine.
  4. Item: 7 x Z418 oil filters Location: Melbourne - 3129 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for Selling: Sold the Landcruiser so I have no need for them anymore Price and Payment conditions: $15 for all 7. Cash on pickup or DD for shipping.
  5. I would pick the new Kia Optima GT over an Aurion. Lose a tiny bit of performance but gain so much refinement and equipment. I use to be a Toyota man but they are starting to fall behind. Hence why I moved to Kia If you want outright performance but don't care about quality then go XR6 Turbo.
  6. Ah ok. Odd how they would change it even though the engine is the same.
  7. Just letting you know that the engine filter you have is wrong. It should be looking something like this. The code is A1558. You probably have the 2.4L camry air filter. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Air-Filter-Suits-A1558-TOYOTA-Aurion-Rav-4-Rukus-Tarago-WA5053-293-/221998419528?hash=item33b0230e48:g:cVMAAOSwL7VWnLmS
  8. Stick with the 16" and go with touring tyres. Pressure look around the 34-36PSI mark.
  9. Another car your neighbour might consider is the Kia Optima GT. I've been eyeing on this car as a replacement for my Aurion.
  10. Item: Toyota/Denso FK20HR11 Spark Plugs x6 Location: East Melbourne Website: None Item Condition: Brand New Reason for Selling: Bought them for brothers Rav4 V6 but car was written off so don't need them anymore Price and Payment conditions: $120 for all 6. Cash or Direct Deposit Any additional information: Bought them from Nunawading Toyota. Will fit any 2GR-FE engine (Aurion, Rav4, Kluger) Shipping: Can ship on request Pictures: Nil Contact Details: PM is best.
  11. I've done the rear seats in the past and it's very easy. The seats will be the sportivo leather seats (ZR6) to AT-X.
  12. Does anyone know if it's hard to change out the front seats of an Aurion? My friend has offered me his leather seats but i'm wondering how hard it is to change out the front seats as I have never done this before. Thanks in advance.
  13. Has anyone bought from this person before? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6pcs-NEW-Genuine-Toyota-Lexus-Spark-Plugs-90919-01247-Denso-FK20HR11-/271927651706?hash=item3f5026ad7a:g:jdsAAOSwjVVVrTKx I'm guessing that these are fake.
  14. Fuel consumption wasn't that much difference. The sidewall on the D697 are 8 layers so it's not weak at all. You can go with H/T tyres so save fuel but they offer no offroad ability.
  15. I'm using Bridgestone Dueler D697 and love them. Had a pair or Kumho before and the Bridgestone are much more quiet. Don't know who told you to stay away from Bridgestone. Offroading with the D697 is fine as well.