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  1. sbv16

    Tow bar wiring harness

    Ok I ended up getting the towbar from the wrecker. They were nice enough to give me the wiring harness/control box, bolts, rubber surround for hole in bumper etc. The harness comes with a control box and wires that run directly to the fuse box..... Apparently there is a built in system on the aurion which detects whether you have a blown globe and this is to wire the towbar harness into that system. Apparently this is not necessary though if you dont want it. Im not sure if the car was post april of 07 where the wiring for towbar was integrated into the aurion..... Has anyone fitted one of these or knows anything bout what the deal with these control units are??? I dont think you can tap straight into the wires on the harness due to the fact it runs from the tail lights and the tail lights on the aurion are led, as such they cant handle the current being taken from them by trailer lights.
  2. sbv16

    Tow bar wiring harness

    Cheers for the replies! I did some research and found out that on Aurions built prior to Aprol 07 there was no harness or wiring provided in the boot for towbar connectivity. On these vehicles you need to run wires to the ECU. On models built after April 07 there has been a towbar wiring harness provided on the LHS in the boot. This negates the need to run wires to the front of the car. My car is built post April of 07 and has the wiring harness in the boot. Also I went to the wrecker today to have a look at the towbar and managed to get them to agree to give me the harness as well as all other required parts of the towbar. I cant justify $700 for a towbar, it is just stupidly overpriced. There is no way in hell Toyota or any other aftermarket towbar supplier purchase these for anywhere near this price. It is borderline robbery. There is no reason a towbar for an Aurion should cost 3 times as much as a Falcon or Commodore, especially for Aurions post April 07 when there is no extra wiring work to be done. I did see the ebay link, however it does not provide a wiring harness, as such I may as well take the bar off this wreck. I think I may be able to source the template to cut the bumper from toyota, or even use the old rubber hole surround off the wrecked car as my template. This is assuming however that toyota did not proivde any marking on the inside of the bumper to indicate where to cut for the towbar. Also I have seen other Aurions driving around with the standard aftermarket hayman reese towbar plugs / wiring harnesses. This would indicate that on post 07 Aurion models a regular wiring harness can be used in place of toyota's stupidly priced $200 ugly stock harness. I have access to a hoist, rattle gun etc so taking the rear of the car off is no prob. The part that worries me is the cutting of the bumper.....
  3. Hey I need a towbar for my 07 Aurion sportivo. The prices are ridiculous!!!! Toyota want $600 odd just for the bar not including fitting and other aftermarket tow bar companies want over $800 fitted. I fitted the towbar on my old BA falcon previously and was thinking of doing the same again with my Aurion. I have managed to find a towbar at a wreckers for $160 but they say they will cut the harness because it takes too long to take it out....... Is it true the harness is wired straight to the ECU and that there is no plug or harness connection in the boot???? How hard is it to install this towbar ie cutting out the hole in the rear bumper with no template? Cheers
  4. Ok I have now discovered the stereo issue has nothing to do with the heater / fan. Stereo cuts out intermittently in cold weather only. Usually at night. If I turn the volume up to medium level it cuts out, if I then turn volume down after waiting a bit the sound comes back but cuts out again when any volume increase is made. I am talking low volume here say volume level of 20 which is quite low. I am guessing the stereo is stuffed......
  5. Ok I have now discovered both issues are completely unrelated. I reset the ecu today, has solved my gear changing issues. Tonight whilst driving I had the stereo cut out but this time i fiddled as much as I could to find the cause of the problem. Everytime it cuts out it is when I have the heater on...... so I turned the heater off and put cool air on and sound came back on again, then to test that it was in fact related to the heating / fan i put the heater back on again and it cut out but came back on again after putting cool air on again. So either its an overheating issue due to the heater being on, or it is related to the fan / heater in some way shape or form
  6. It is a rural area with over head powerlines close to the road. The gearbox issue happens on exactly the same stretch of road, every single time without fail..... its gotten to the point now where i just dont accelerate coming down the road, I just leave it in 2nd, I think it does it going into third not second. As you would be aware the gearbox on aurions is a little bit finicky, it likes to jump gears depending on the torque / conditions, not sure exactly how it works as I have been the owner of falcons most my life. I could live with the gearbox issue, even if I do drive it normally down the road, it will rev out a bit and not select gear but eventually it finds it and off we go. But the stereo cutting out is really giving me the ****s. I have had it cut out going down the road, then hit the next suburb, pulled over, switched the car off and it still hasnt fixed it. I have also had the stereo loose sound and have the demister on the rear windscreen knob flash.... I dunno its got me buggered. I only thought of the gearbox as an issue because they seemed to be simultaneous. But it could be unrelated. Stereo issue never occurs during the day....... only at night. Have had the car 6 mnths now and it has never done this before. I am going to try resetting the ecu and see how that goes
  7. Hey Just having a really strange issue with my 07 Aurion Sportivo sx6. This might sound strange but every time I drive down the road coming up to my house it is on a slight decline and as I accelerate instead of shifting into second gear it seems to always grab neutral and rev out a bit before finding gear. There is no clunk or any unusual noises when this happens. It always happens at exactly the same spot on the road. Most recently however when this is happening and I have the stereo on the music will cut out, the stereo will still be on but there will be no audible sound coming from the speakers. If I turn off the stereo nothing, it still doesnt fix the problem, however when I get home, stick the car in Park and all of a sudden music returns. At first I dismissed this as random but now Im finding it happening every night and its really starting to annoy me. The car otherwise is driving perfectly fine, no clunks, no gearbox slippage or grinding nothing. Has just knocked up 70kms. I am wondering if this is a software issue, or ecu issue relating to the gearbox???? The confusing thing is that now the music seems to cut out randomly sometimes, and sticking it back into park doesnt always work, turning off the car and leaving it for a while sometimes does. Always happens at night time and almost always happens when the gearbox gear selector issue is present. Dunno if anyone has had similar issues but thought I would post here and check. Car is out of warranty and taking it to a dealership and letting them rob me blind is not an option. Cheers
  8. sbv16

    Overpriced Sx6?

    Go to the auctions, Aurions have been selling cheap at auction over here in WA ie I baught a 2007 Black Sportivo SX6 with minor hail damage, car is not written off or on any written off registry, for $13250 Its going in on wednesday to be repaired which is costing $2500 so with transfer and repairs etc is has cost me 16k Thats just my example, but I recall an 07 SZ6 go for 21k with low kms hope this helps