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  1. Looks like the issue has returned ;) Its on and off again... had a relative of mine contact his friends at Toyota. At first they said it may have been the Keyless entry remote, after which I told them that the issue was also present sometimes if I tried to lock the doors while driving, so that ruled out the remote right away. The guys said it may have to do with the Drivers side door. They went on to say if the alignment was out, that that could be causing the issue I am experiencing, because it's going to clock, and when it can't it just beeps. Either that, or the motor on it is dying. I'm going to try and remove the door trim and grease it up. I'll let you guys know how I go, although I may not get around to doing it until the weekend. I'll take some shots as I go along... I'm sure it may help someone in the future..... Cheers!
  2. Hi All, Just a bit of an update. When I got home yesterday I: 1) Reset ECU (disconnected Battery, etc) 2) Disconnected the "Clock" section of the dash, as I've noticed that’s where the receiver is for the keyless entry. Ensured it was all plugged in properly. 3) Removed and checked all fuses under the bonnet 4) Removed and checked all fuses in the kick panel 5) Re-programmed the key FOB 6) Reset the central locking to 2-stage locking So far, so good. The car locked and unlocked all night with out any issues. I'll keep you guys posted as I have a feeling the issue will be back later on in the week.
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if any of you had come across this issue. My car's central locking started playing up some months ago. To describe the problem, when I press the keyless entry button to "Lock" the doors, the car flashes indicators twice (after a few seconds) and chirps the horn twice. The doors do not lock (this happens when trying to use the key to manually lock the doors as well). I have found that trying to lock the doors using the door lock feature inside does the same thing. The doors do not lock, and then the hazards flash followed by the horn chirp. To sum it up, its exactly what would happen if you were to hold the door open and try to lock the doors. I can confirm there is no "Door Open" indicator on the dash. The problem seems to be getting worse now, to the point I have to leave my car unlocked. Anyone come across this? Or know what it could be? Fuse maybe? Electrical Fault? I've tried spraying with RP7 on the door latch, but doesnt seem to have any effect. Any help / suggestions would be great!.. Thanks. Toyota Camry Sportivo 2004 4Cyl Manual Model.
  4. Hi, thanks for the responce. Not too sure, the controlls are sealed in with those plastic clips, which are quite hard to get off... Not only that, but you have the cables running for both the heater, and the recycle / outside air option.. They look quite difficult to take off, so I havent progressed down that path yet.... I did however find, that when I knocked on the left hand side (where the air selection is), the right side lit up.. when I knocked on the right side, it lit up the left hand... so I think it's safe to suggest that it is most likely a loose wire. I can only assume that road vibrations caused the wire to come loose... and it must be more than one connection as I had different parts loose illumination (as described in my first post). I will take some snaps when I get around to doing it for the benefit of others, and I'll see if I can find the exact wires running to it.. If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to post em up in the mean time.
  5. Hi Guys, Got a quetsion for you, maybe some of you have come across this. I notice initially that one of the lights behind the Heater / AC dials died (this was soon after my 3 year warranty expired). A little while after that, another of the lights blew. From what I can tell, it looks as though there were 4 lights running across. The first light that blew was the center left one, then the center right one. Now all 4 of them are not working, so I cannot see any of the controls in the dark. Both the AC and Heater works fine. The Hazzard control light button and demister work fine. Any ideas? I was thinking it was a fuse (is there a fuse that controlls these lights?), but that woudlnt make sense, because the whole lot would have stopped working. I managed to remove all the dash (as I was removing my Pioneer HU and fitting the factory one back), and decided I would try and fix this problem, I found that the actual panel which holds the AC and Heater controls are "sealed", and tried to open up the cover (which was pretty difficult), but couldn't actually get to it... From what I could tell, it looks as though they have used those lights which are soldered in, like small thin LED's, but I could be wrong... Any help would be appriciated.... I really don't want to go to Toyota $ervice Department, because I can imagine how much they charge... There are no other electrical problems with the car what so ever, so I'm not too sure what this could be. The car is Toyota Camry Sportivo 04 model. Thanks
  6. Hey dude... I'd love to know where you got the side inserts from.... Any chance they are avialable in Melb?.. I only got crappy black carboard at the side of mine, which is slowly fading with the sun! lol... Would appriciate it!!..
  7. No Such luck dude... I got the darkest tint with "Tint Professor" (NEVER EVER AGAIN! but thats another story! Just my personal experience with them!!)... And its still hot in the car.. like you said after 5 mins... mine's black, so it was to be expected..
  8. Hey Richo, Yeah I went tight A$$ on mine and opted for the stock standard... so I didnt get any controls... only stock stereo system (knowing I was going to rip it out, because one of the guys at toyota showed me how!) Yeah most of them come with remote now, so I just use that.... It was fairly easy (even if you follow the pics above).. although I have one problem (dont know if anyone else does)... I bought a "pocket" for the car, because obviously the stock one is 2 din, where as the new one was single... And I found a toyota one which fitted in no problem, but I have GAPS on either side of the stereo.. So I just got some cardboard and colored it black, so you wouldnt see the gaps on the side. Anyone else have any ideas?... Oh, if you ever disconnect the watch, remember to connect it back up, as the remote locking wont work if its not connected... thought would just chuck that in!! :D
  9. Welcome aboard!!!... Yeah I was doing the same thing, when I stumbled across this forum! Good Stuff.. chat soon!
  10. Hi Guys, Yeah thats probably it then. I leave the car outside, and latley the Dew's been killing it. Not to mention it does have the "scratchy" look about it close up. When it's clean (which is about 10 mins cause dust just seems to LOVE it!) it looks nice...
  11. Hey how'd you go with the head unit? If you need any help, let me know, and I'll take a few snaps for ya.. I changed the head unit in my 04 Sportivo... Got 4 X 50Watt Pioneer headunit. Powering the Front and back (changed the rears to 6 X 9 Sony Explode Speakers 3 way), and have a 12" sub (sealed box) in the boot.. As I said, if you have any issues, let me know, and I'll help you out with some pics or adivce!! Mod away!! :D
  12. Either that or could it be the coolant?.. I know when I got mine, the coolant used to squirt out all around the engine bay.. So I went nuts at the guys at toyota, and I was like, "why do you have the outlet pointing towards the car?.. so it can go all over the engine!?"... but I guess if they aimed it the other way would go all over the paint, so just as bad.. they should have made a pipe leading down to the bottom tray of the car.. Anyways, I would imagine the noise could be either the Radiator fluid, or the washer fluid at the front... Although my Aircon REAKS when I turn it off... smells all moldy.... it's only 2 years old, but done it since I got the car... I haven't quizzed toyota bought it, but they would probably say it's supposed to do it!?!
  13. MACRI

    Sub and Amp

    Hi Guys, I was quite happy with the 2004 Sportivo sound system.. I only got the 4 speakers.. but was ok with stock speakers... 6 X 9 in the front and back.... Of course I had to install my own deck, so I got 4 X 50 watt Pioneed Head unit (powering the front and rear speakers), Changed the rear speakers to Sony Explode 6 X 9's, then got the RCA running to AMP in the boot, with 12" Pioneer Sub (sealed box)... sounds pretty damn decent... I got a 4 channel amp sitting around, so when I decide to stop being lazy, will hook the front & back speakers off the amp (when I replace the fronts), and have the sub running off a seperate amp, so I dont kill that one!.. Thats about the only mod I've done!! :D
  14. I got a Camry Sportivo 2004 4cly man. Usually doing 100kms on the freeway, sits about 2900 - 3000 RPM.
  15. I have a 2004 Sportivo 4cyl as well, and I find that after I been driving for a while, and turn the car off.. When I start up and take off again and have the outside air comming through, its quite warm air comming in. I can only assume it's from the bonnet heat matt, which keeps the engine bay quite warm... and consequently the air is warm near the intake...