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  1. Well since the Camry is going to be written off an parted out in the near future, I have decided to get a new car to spend money on. Got it cheap too through Trent and Mick's friend. MY15 86 in Crystal white - I would have loved the more satin, pegasus white though. Picked it up on New Years eve. Then started cutting up the car after a month. Bought some TRD Garnishes. So that I could fit the TRD muffler. Loving the look of the quad pipes! Currently looking at some wheels, maybe the Koya SF05, the semi forged multi-spoked ones. Trying to decided if I should go with the aggressive staggered setup 18x9 fronts and 18x10 rears. But that may come a little later, might be putting a deposit on something big first. :P
  2. Well unfortunately the camry got completely smashed by that freak of a storm a couple of months ago. Every panel except the front drivers guard has dimples. Hail stones were huge 10cm wide ones and the intensity of the wind actually made them fly horizontally. The car will probably head to the assessor a next month or so. It will be written off and I'll be buying it back to part it as many people already has dibs on bits of it.
  3. So now you are going to get another dash trim so that you can put this one into storage? :p. by the way I just picked up a gts so I may have questions for you later about some upgrades.
  4. A supercharger running 6psi and lots other supporting mods for it to run. And a 5sp swap. It would be making more power now. Haven't had a dyno for a while and needs a tune again quite badly
  5. The pipe from throttle body to the back of the battery are all the same between the brands. I got the cold air extension to the guards custom made 2.5in diameter but 3in right at the end to fit a bigger pod filter. Flowed enough to make 170kw atw on the car. You should get new silicon joins as these rubberones have gotten hard with the hot cold cycles.
  6. Let me know when you are thinking about the CAI. I actually have my old set up in the storeroom.
  7. Even if there were 4 banger aurions, that would still be 4 more cylinders you have at the moment.
  8. Labour is that much because it is a royal pain in the ***** to do. And the spring is there to help the pedal spring back up right to the top, isn't it?
  9. Yeah usually people just get the whiteline
  10. 180 + shipping. This pipe flows enough to get 170kw at the wheels with a supercharger fitted.
  11. Hey guys, just had my intake upgraded and looking to sell this one. It is a short ram intake with a custom made extension. The extension itself cost 250 from the exhaust shop. The extension goes into the guard so it sucks cold air from there instead of hot engine bay air. All you need to pick up extra is a rubber hose if you can't use stock hose that goes from the short ram pipe to the Pcv valve. And a 3in hose clamp. I seemed to have misplaced one. I'm looking for is 220+ shipping for the lot. Anthony
  12. I just had mine done. Power steering belt, water pump, thermostat, top and bottom radiator hose, Idler pulleys.
  13. Most common problem with the 1mz engine is the valve cover gaskets perishing and leaking. Because the way the engine sits in the bay, the rear gasket is usually the first to go. I am about to replace mine and its done 125k. Isn't 15/40 a bit thick? I'm using 5/50 Mobil 1 atm. But my engine gets pushed quite a bit harder though.
  14. But have you dyno'ed your car yet?
  15. Sway bars stops body roll, it doesn't technically stiffen up your ride. Just do the rear sway bar, it'll complete change the handling for the better, no need to do the front.