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  1. Xoom's Turbo 2ZZ Sportivo

    whoa you have done alot of work to it!
  2. Corona's!!

    Nice ! :D hope to see more work done on it! i love these cars i own a RT142 and love goin for cruises in it.
  3. Fixing my car

    1. 69.NIX


      wooot woooooo

    2. Hiro


      Now there's a name from the past...

  4. RT142 Toyota Corona

    RT142 Toyota Corona
  5. Is getting a cold again bleh

  6. wheel nuts....

    Hi i have a set of The Wheel Lock Nut Set 12x 1.50mm Tapered Seat Wheel Lock Nuts Packet Is Opened But Nuts Not Used If They Fit Your Car Take Them For $ 20
  7. my new ride

    Haha cool ive always wanted to get one of these when i was a kid i seen a cheap one in coles i think there still selling them

    I use these site all the time
  9. Word association

  10. Word association

  11. Word association

  12. Broadband

    Heya TOCAU im wondering when i should up grade my dial up LOL i have been seeing a heck of alot advertising for it just dont know which would be good max spending a month 35bucks anyone know any good service provider?
  13. Word association

  14. The Noob Thread!

    Welcome noobs :) enjoy the forums
  15. 1982 Toyota Corona ST140/TT140 engine swaps

    somthing i was going to do for mine ages ago lol twin weber carbis and exhaust manifold keeping mine standard for now