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  1. Hi, are there any rumors/news of a new facelift or an updated Prado model coming very soon (maybe this year?) Planning to buy a Prado but don't want to make the same mistake wherein I bought a Kluger in 2010 then the dealer secretly hid the info from me that in the next few months a facelift Kluger is coming! Cheeky ***** just want to make a sale....
  2. Thanks for all of your replies... I wonder why Toyota fit a uncommon tyre specification on their car??? I asked most tyre stores and they told me the 175/70R14 is uncommon, so more expensive.. why not Toyota fit a 175/65R14 instead?!!!
  3. Hi, I have a toyota corolla and the current tyre size is 175/70R14. Is it OK to replace it with 175/65R14? The 175/65R14 is much cheaper compared to the 175/70R14. Someone told me it will mess the speedometer reading if I use the 175/65R14, is it true? Is it safe to change it? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Have you experienced this before: After I fill the tank, I reset the display then after driving for a couple of hundred kms, the display will “freeze” and show that my average consumption is “11.2L/100km”, even if I drive not stop on a freeway for 10kms or so, or even if I’m driving and stuck in the traffic for more than 20mins the display will still say my average consumption is “11.2L/100km”. I’m using premium 98 petrol. What’s the problem? Every time I fill the tank I always reset the display, but the average consumption is always showing 11.2 (or sometimes 11.3) even how I drive the ca
  5. Hi, finally found the reason why the nudge bar was delayed. It's not a backorder (or out of stock issue) but a quality issue as what the toyota parts sales rep told me last week. The problem is they found out that the air bag will not deploy during a crash test with those nudge bar fitted. He didn't tell me if all previous nudge bar they released are affected or not. The problem here is, if you have a nudge bar currently installed on your kluger, there's no way you can check if it's ok or not unless you intentionally crush your kluger and check if the air bag will deploy or not!! :(
  6. Hi, as an act of curiosity how can you tell where exactly your Kluger was made/manufactured? Is it by looking at the VIN/SN details? Mine is showing "Plant code: GC11". I wonder where is that?! The dealer said mine was shipped from Japan, but I think China is already producing Kluger as well.... Maybe as a poll, try to reply here what is your plant code....
  7. Thanks everybody for the informative details....
  8. Hi, how come after every time I fill the tank (full tank and almost overflowing already!!), the display will normally show around 496kms left to go (or sometimes 500kms). But the full tank specification of Kluger KX-R is 72 liters, right? Computing it, so it means the fuel economy is roughly 14.5L/100km (72L/496kms)?! Is that display accurate and reliable? How did it arrive to that “496kms to go” figure? My average before I made a full tank is being displayed as 11.5L/100km...
  9. Thanks for the reply... So I assume this quality issue only affects all nudge bar on-order from July (2months ago) onwards..I wonder how about the existing ones they released before that (which some of you out there is currently using!)... I wonder what is that quality issue........
  10. Hi, does anyone know or heard anything about the current alloy nudge bar issue of Toyota? I ordered it as part of an option but during delivery a couple of weeks ago the dealer did not attach it saying there's a "design/quality issue" on it and they are not sure when will they install it. Any idea? I tried to ring other Toyota dealer and they also said they are not sure when will the nudge bar be ready, probably next month, next year???
  11. I have not seen any reply on this "side protector" possibility for Kluger (like those existing in Corolla or RAV4).. Does anyone know if this can be done?
  12. Sorry to say, but I think that sounds a bit more than some of the better deals some were getting. I know people here were getting the FWD 5 seater KXR with nothing on it for around 38,000. When I was shopping around, the FWD Altitude could have been had for less than 46,000. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.... Hi, thanks for the feedback, so the 48,000 I paid for the KX-R last June is already a bad deal compared to the current price? I guess I should have waited a couple of months before buying... Anyway, going back to my question, is the 48,000 drive-away price I paid last June with those
  13. Please advise if the price I got for my Kluger (not facelift model) is a good deal or not or just right/even: Model: 2010 Kluger KX-R FWD 7seats (ordered on June this year and delivered only a couple of weeks ago) Price (on-road): $48,000 Options added: -metallic paint -front weather shields -nudge bar -side steps -mud guards -reverse parking sensors -cargo mat -carpet floor mats -paint, upholstery/dashboard protection -window tint -extended 3yr (150,000km) warranty Thanks.
  14. I finally sourced the needed parts and install the re-design circuit of the camera on my Kluger. When the car is in reverse mode, the camera activates as normal. Then when not in reverse I installed a switch near the steering wheel that can enable the reverse camera to activate even though the car is not in reverse mode, so cool! I checked it and it worked!! I can see the rear while driving!

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