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  1. Check the VIN on the placard in the engine bay. First three letter AHT denotes SA built, JTD denotes Japanese built. The Corolla Sportivo of that era all came from SA, for the record. I'm aware that the majority of the parts came from Japan regardless of where the vehicle was assembled, however the seams and gaps are known to be more consistent on Japanese built vehicles.
  2. I saw your post on my FB news feed late last week, Kay, and I find it rather scary as I live right next door in Thommo. Glad that you weren't harmed and hope your car will be found in one piece, however I've been hearing about car theft over near Dalton Rd one too many times in the past year. To everyone else caught in this situation, try and surrender your car and let the thief run off with the car as your life is not worth potential injury/death.
  3. Some will argue to check when left mobile for extended hours so all the oil has the chance to settle down to the oil pan, some will say to check after the engine is warmed up and rested for 5-10 minutes. Mechanics at the dealership I used to work at would follow the latter method, but I never bothered to questioned them as to why.
  4. When it was initially planned to be held at Village drive-in Coburg, I was keen as I live 10-15 min away. Now that they pushed it up to Winton Raceway, probably not.
  5. You didn't flush the heater core, did you?
  6. From a 6 or 6.2 ltr LS2 or LS3, 8 litres is quite forgiving. The 5 litre in the lexus IS-F takes 9.3 litres. Yikes...
  7. I heavily stock up on the Castrol Edge when the heavy sales come about. I have like five 5ltr bottles which I'll eventually need on both my Aurion and Corolla. It comes down to you if you want to have multiple bottles sitting in the garage.
  8. I suppose it's good oil, given its crepitations and the fact that I have been using it for quite some time on the Aurion and Corolla. What I meant is that it doesn't compare with the likes of Mobil 1, Motul or Royal Purple which are scarce and sold at a premium over the Castrol.
  9. I use the genuine filter with Castrol Edge 5w30. Not the best oil out there, but for the regular discount that around for it, you cant complain. Engine enjoys this oil it seems.
  10. The facelifted gsv40, which i currently own, demands service intervals of 9 months or 15000km, whichever comes first. Toyota seemed somewhat reluctant to extend the service intervals with the earlier models. However, i still restrict the intervals to 9 months but not exceeding 10000km for safe measure.
  11. The bigger picture is to note that the average consumption reading resets itself every time you fill up the tank. To ensure an accurate reading, I would drive around for a while and allow the reading to settle before checking. Sometimes taking off from the servo will make it read 29ltr/100km, let alone 22 ltr/100km. However you need to give it some time to adjust.
  12. Yeah, you're right. They're essentially the BC Racing BR series internals wrapped with Pedder's own coil springs, which are made here in Melbourne.
  13. I have a set on my Corolla and have ran them for approx. 40000km now without any issues whatsoever. The owner prior had run them for approx. another 5-10000km. They are a bit harsh compared to their more expensive equivalents, however for their price you can probably live with that. Mine contains the camber tops therefore adjustments are made with ease. Height and pre-load adjustments can be done yourself in your driveway, using the provided C spanners and a pair/set of jack stands. I've yet to service them, however I don't expect they would need it anytime soon.