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  1. was at The Low Down "Showcased 2013" I was bored lol
  2. its sitting collecting dust in the garage lol
  3. looking good mate, top stuff with the diy mods!!
  4. hmmmm not alot of ppl like the cst nor the idlers tyre stencil ..... then again not alot of ppl like my car
  5. cbf painting the cst, mount them up with fresh tyres
  6. nice one, I was thinking of going camo as well lol
  7. EGG80X

    Rukus DRL's

    hook it up to your accessory power, eg the ciggie lighter
  8. Sydney Vs Melbourne Static Vs Air JDM Vs USDM VIP Vs Hellflush
  9. only manage to slip one photo at Bunnings on Saturday before we got kicked out
  10. I'll be there tomorrow for the meet up, bring the rukus or the rav4 lol see you folks there.
  11. EGG80X

    Rukus Exhaust

    if you are looking for a bit more power, upgrade to a higher flow cat and set of headers cat back exhaust on a 4 banger is a waste of time, plus its auto it sounds horrible with a fart can
  12. Haha, awesome bro.. were you in the box? nope was in my other car
  13. so I went to Autotechnik to have a chat to Budi about AME I'm ordering a set for my birthday and then walked out of the shop with these lol CST Hyper Zero 1 18x9 +30 all around in flat black Not going to mount these as yet, its going to painters for some paint
  14. spotted you car tonight in the city, looking good